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Different Types of Medical Logistics Solutions

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If you manage any type of healthcare business, you might already know about the importance of medical logistics solutions. However, are you aware of all of the different types?

What Are Medical Logistics?

Medical logistics involve securely moving things or information between different locations. Due to privacy regulations, moving medical items is more complicated than shipping other things.

Why are Medical Logistics Important?

It’s almost impossible to take care of everything related to a healthcare practice in one location. When information or materials need to move from one location to another, you need medical logistics solutions.

Medical logistics can involve moving samples, files, equipment, information, and more between locations. Privacy is of the utmost importance in the healthcare industry, so you can’t count on just anybody.

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With medical logistics, you have a secure way to move things between locations.

Different Types of Medical Logistics Solutions

The term “medical logistics solutions” is pretty broad, so let’s go into more depth about the different types of logistics solutions. That way, you can get a better idea of what each solution entails and whether you need it.

Local Courier Logistics

These days, few healthcare businesses do everything in one location. You will likely need to have couriers to move things between locations.

Anytime you need to transport sensitive materials from one location to another, you need local courier logistics.

A few things you might use a local courier for include:

  • Transporting blood or tissue samples to a lab
  • Distribution processes
  • Delivering medical equipment to patients
  • Transferring medical records
  • Transporting pharmaceuticals

You can’t just count on anybody to transport these sensitive items. You need somebody who understands HIPAA rules and regulations. That’s why local courier logistics are crucial to any healthcare business.

Flight Logistics

If you have an extended supply chain, you may need flight logistics. Local couriers are great for moving something across town. However, flying medical equipment or samples may be too risky for a commercial or regular cargo flight.

Flight logistics can involve things like:

  • Distributing equipment from a warehouse to related healthcare businesses
  • Flying organs from a donor to the recipient
  • Sending samples to an out of state specialist

You can’t count on just anybody to ensure a tissue sample gets to the only specialist in your region. A proper chain of custody needs to be involved to ensure the sample safely gets where it needs to go. In addition to this being a safety issue, HIPAA compliance could be at risk, too.

As you can see, flight logistics can be a crucial medical logistics solution.

Technology Logistics

These days, patients want digital access to their health information. With hackers becoming an increasing problem, technology logistics is more important than ever.

Technology logistics can help your organization keep your patients’ information private. It can also help improve the transfer of information within your organization. How easily can different departments securely communicate information about patients?

Beyond improving how your organization communicates with itself and patients, technology logistics can help with other logistics. A good local or flight medical courier, for example, will scan packages at various points during transportation. Your technology needs to be able to access this information to track things.

Which Medical Logistics Solutions do You Need?

Unless you run a small practice where everything stays in house, you probably need every type of medical logistics solution. Ideally, your local, flight, and technology logistics should be integrated for the best efficiency. The fewer the chances for a break in the process, the better.

Can You Get All Your Medical Logistics Solutions in One Place?

Yes, there are companies that can handle all of your medical logistics needs. In fact, this is the best way to ensure that each solution blends seamlessly with the rest.

You don’t want to have communications issues between different companies for each solution. That’s why it’s best to find one company that can handle all of your needs.

Apart from eliminating communication issues, using one company also increases efficiency. Any time you can take advantage of increased efficiency, you should.

Additionally, using a single company can help streamline and optimize routes. This can help save your organization money and time.