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Dancing Improves Brain Function


Many of us love to dance but a lot of us would be surprised to know that we are doing our body a great positive benefit by getting our grooves on the floor. Dancing is not just a fun activity but also has a remarkable impact on the brain’s function.

We all have heard that exercising is good for remaining fit and also is good for the brain but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring routine. The movements with dancing have the dimension of rhythm, a balancing act, and the ability for muscle strengthening.

Researches on Dancing

A recent study conducted by Healthy Brain Research Network at the University of Illinois for older people having a sedentary lifestyle revealed that dancing improves memory, concentration, and focus. Another study published by Albert Einstein College of Medicine focused on understanding whether physical cognitive recreational activities have any impact on mental acumen.

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The results show that some mental activities have a positive influence on the brain’s function. For instance, reading reduces 35% risk of dementia, bicycling reduced 0% risk of dementia, doing crossword puzzles 3-4 times a week reduced the risk by 47%, golf decreased the chances by 0%, and dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76%.  

People who have the habit of dancing often have more cognitive reserves and an amplified complexity of neural synapses says the neurologist Robert Katzman.

Professional Dancers Don’t Feel Dizzy

Have you often felt dizziness and blackout while you stand up? Does the fear of falling get to you and you avoid taking on experiences? If you feel any such dizziness, a study done has discovered that dancing improves the balance and helps in case you feel dizzy. It also revealed that the brain structures of ballet dancers because of the peculiar moves they are usually involved in. No one needs any training to benefit from dancing and mend their mental wellbeing, so make use of the clever short dance quotes to inspire and motivate yourself into dancing.

Dancing makes you Intelligent

How is intelligence defined? Assume yourself responding to a stimulus spontaneously, this reaction time to stimuli can clearly be termed as the involvement of intelligence. Simply put, the core of intelligence is making decisions by keeping in view various factors. Anyone looking at improving their mental acumen should involve himself in brain activities that require a response within split seconds and fast-paced decision. Dancing is a fluid activity that demands quick movements where you need to decide which way to move, where to turn, what angle, at a very rapid speed. This requires a lot of mental alertness, hence dancing is an excellent medium to boost intelligence.

Slow down aging and Boost Memory

The more multifaceted our neural synapses are, the healthier. We should involve our brain in whatever way we can to create new neural paths. If we continue to use our brain for routine mundane tasks, it will only have one neural path and you will notice that remembering simple nouns like names would start to become difficult as you age. Learning new skills like dance can create a different mental route, so if you lose one, you can practice the other to access your memories and stored information.

Dancing is not only a way to improve your cognitive abilities, but a way to involve in physical, kinetic, musical and emotional routine. These neural activities benefit our brain as we start aging. So dance for your life, for your mental wellbeing!