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CSI: Miami Star David Caruso Fights His Miami Beach Property Taxes Like They’re A Crime!

David Caruso
David Caruso says no thanks to property taxes (INFPhoto.com)

Former CSI:Miami star David Caruso approaches fighting the yearly property taxes on his Miami Beach condo the way Horatio Caine approached drive-by shootings: relentlessly and painstakingly.

But unlike his 10 years as the ginger count of cop cool on the television, real-life Caruso doesn’t always win his arguments with the county’s tax titans.

Like clockwork every winter, the 61-year-old actor appeals the assessed value or market value of his condo to the Value Adjustment Board, a commission that examines the tax bills of residents who believe they’re too high.

Caruso did it again last year, and the VAB just shot down his attempt to pay less than the $57,841 he was charged.

By the way, Caruso has yet to pay his 2016 tax bill. And if he doesn’t pay before March 31, it will be considered delinquent.

Caruso, who hasn’t been seen on the small or the big screen since the CSI:Miami series finale in 2012, is a part-time resident of Il Villaggio on South Beach, a luxury beachfront condo high-rise. The rest of the time, he calls Beverly Hills, Calif., his home.

By Jose Lambiet, GossipExtra.com, excerpt posted on  SouthFloridaReporter.com, Mar. 4, 2017