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Connect with Cruise Lines to Increase Business

Interested in having a piece of the lucrative cruise supply business?

Companies looking to do business with the major cruise lines will have a prime opportunity at the 23rd annual FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show taking place in San Juan, Puerto Rico, September 26-30. The new Purchasing Initiative will give suppliers direct access to decision-making procurement executives from the FCCA’s 19 Member Lines.

“We could not be prouder to offer the Purchasing Initiative at our keynote event,” said Michele Paige, President, FCCA.

The Purchasing Initiative will offer the opportunity to improve suppliers’ business with the cruise industry with one-on-one meetings, workshops and exhibiting and networking opportunities between about 1,000 attendees and 100 influential cruise executives, presidents and CEOs.
“This is a valuable opportunity for destinations and operators to learn how they are being affected by and can take advantage of the industry’s latest developments,” said Micky Arison, Chairman, Carnival Corporation and the FCCA. “I look forward to interacting with attendees and sharing input to help them optimize this opportunity.”

Arison will attend the event and participate in the CEO Roundtable, which will grant insight into the latest and upcoming trends, and how it applies to private and public stakeholders, as the high-level panel answers questions tailored to the region and audience, with other participants including Orlando Ashford, President, Holland America Line; Adam Goldstein, President and COO, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCCL); and Richard Sasso, Chairman, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc.

“Today’s Shore Excursions” will discuss what is happening in today’s shore excursions from those who know it best: executives representing the major cruise lines. Moderated by Amilcar Cascais, Vice President, Tour Operations, Carnival Cruise Line, it will include panelists like Christine Manjencic, Vice President, Destination Services Operations, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Ltd. (NCLH); Tom Anderson, Director, Global Port Development, RCCL; Arnaldo Zanonato, Senior Manager, Port Adventures, Disney Cruise Line; Lisa Jensen, Manager, Shore Excursions, Holland America Group; and Valentina Pietropaolo, Manager, Shore Excursions, MSC Cruises (USA) Inc.

The panel will include presentations about their brands and how they approach shore excursions, along with input from tour operators providing excursions to those brands, and discuss matters like fulfilling the needs of larger ships bringing 5,000+ passengers, enticing repeat cruisers to repeat shore excursions, and the importance of a collaborative structure between cruise lines, port operators and tour operators.

The FCCA collaborated with Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA), Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) on a workshop that will review best practices for safety and security measures involving destinations and ports, with examples of successful initiatives and ideas on developing protocol from the individual and agency level to an all-encompassing plan. Moderated by Frank Comito, CEO and Director General, CHTA, the panel will include Rick Murrell, CEO, Tropical Shipping, USA; Bud Darr, Sr. Vice President, Technical & Regulatory Affairs, CLIA; Russell Daya, Executive Director, Global Port Operations & Developments, Disney Cruise Line, and FCCA Operations Committee Chairman; Stacy Pallot Shweky, Manager, Care Team, Carnival Cruise Line; and Roberto Levenstone, Port Safety Manager, Port St. Maarten.

There will also be a workshop focusing on supplying to the cruise industry as part of the new Purchasing Initiative. The interactive workshop will outline the importance of sourcing in cruise destinations’ local markets and how companies can optimize this opportunity. Moderated by Michael Jones, Vice President, Strategic Operations, RCCL, and FCCA Purchasing Committee Chairman, the panel will include Julia Brown, Chief Procurement Officer, Carnival Corporation & plc., and Carl Robie, Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, NCLH.

The workshops are just one way that the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show will help attendees learn about the cruise industry and how to maximize its impact. The event, the biggest cruise conference and trade show in the Caribbean and Latin America, will gather 1,000 cruise industry stakeholders and 100 FCCA Member Line executives for an agenda balancing business sessions with networking, promoting and exhibiting opportunities, including preset one-on-one meetings, evening events to meet cruise executives, and a trade show featuring exclusive executive viewings and events like the FCCA Table Tennis Challenge hosted by Adam Goldstein.

To learn more about and register for the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show, please visitwww.regonline.com/fccapuertorico.

“The Purchasing Initiative will offer opportunities for both suppliers and the cruise industry,” said Micky Arison, Chairman, Carnival Corporation and the FCCA. “The FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show has traditionally been one of the best ways for cruise tourism stakeholders and key cruise line decision makers to interact and develop mutual understanding and benefits, and this initiative is the perfect extension to increase success for this crucial sector,” Arison added.

To learn more and/or participate in the Purchasing Initiative,  e-mail Purchasing@F-CCA.com.

To register and/or learn more about the FCCA Cruise Conference & Trade Show, please visit: https://www.regonline.com/fccapuertorico.

For more information, visit F-CCA.com

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