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Central Park Or The Eiffel Tower? Survey Names The Top 10 Places To Pop The Question

The perfect daytime date — according to new research — is a walk in a park or botanical garden, a visit to the zoo or a river cruise.

A study of 2,000 Americans has revealed the ideal combination of activities involved in the perfect date, and how to behave on that all-important rendezvous, with outdoor activities and cultural experiences popular.

A trend toward new experiences can also be seen, with 76% loving to explore something or somewhere different on a first date.

Those in a relationship also think new cultural experiences add fresh energy to a relationship, according to 78% of those polled.

Three in five (61%) would go for a cultural rendezvous to seem more “worldly” to impress their potential beau, with 11% saying they aren’t planning to go out for a traditional dinner this Valentine’s Day.

The study by Tiqets, a museum and attraction ticketing company, saw Paris named the most romantic city, with New York and Venice also dreamy options.

And Central Park, the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls and a gondola in Venice are considered the best places to propose — followed by the London Eye.

“The results have shown that Americans want to impress and enjoy soaking up a bit of culture along the way with a visit to inspiring locations to wow their date,” said Daniel Hackett, U.S. Director from Tiqets, which commissioned the research.

“It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut in daily life – so a date is an ideal opportunity to burst the bubble and try something a little different. Sharing new experiences with someone is always romantic.

“In 2020, we’re seeing these cultural activities become more popular not just when people travel, but when they’re at home looking for a unique date as well.

“After all, a trip to a museum or cultural landmark gives you a break from daily life that can change your perspective — and it’s especially romantic to share that experience with someone else.”

The study also found that you should date someone for an average of six weeks before taking them away on a romantic weekend getaway.

Being this creative on a date requires some thought though, with more than a third of respondents wanting to plan ahead when setting up a date.

But 26% like a mix of order and spontaneity to keep things fresh.

A third said you should plan your date at least a couple of days in advance, with 20% advised to do so at least a week ahead.

And Americans are willing to spend money on these date experiences, with an average spend of $153.14 identified as the magic number.

But worryingly, 29% of those polled, via OnePoll, said they have never been on their perfect date.

The study also revealed other top tips for how to behave on a perfect date, including cracking three jokes, texting your friends updates twice and buying your date three drinks.

Telling at least three funny anecdotes and giving them three hugs were other nuggets of wisdom from those surveyed. You should also wink at them at least once — and take selfies together.

But the most important things to do on a first date are to be on time, be a good listener and avoid talking about your ex. Only one in 10 think it’s inappropriate to kiss on a first date, with 83% ready to go in for the smooch when the time is right.

“On our platform, millions of people have bought tickets to museums and attractions — both while traveling and in their hometown,“ said Hackett.

“Especially while at home, we see that people often want to visit attractions later in the day, outside of work hours.

“Many locations we work with, from Exploratorium in the US to Ripley’s Aquarium in Canada have responded to that and have adjusted their hours, or created special evening programs to attract this type of visitor.”

1. Walk in a park or botanical garden
2. Going to the zoo
3. A river or canal cruise
4. A modern culture attraction (ex. Empire State Building, Warner Bros studio tour)
5. Historical attraction (ex. Independence Hall)
6. Amusement or water park
7. Boat ride
8. Visiting a castle or palace
9. Aquarium
10. Art/music museum

1. Central Park
2. Eiffel Tower
3. Niagara Falls
4. Gondola in Venice
5. London Eye
6. Empire State building
7. Canal cruise in Amsterdam
8. Seine River Cruise
9. The Colosseum
10. Windsor Castle