While He Campaigns, Mike Satz Also Prepares To Prosecute Alleged Cop Killers

Mike Satz

Most candidates are single minded, firmly focused on the election. State Attorney Mike Satz doesn’t have that luxury.

While Satz campaigns almost every night, much of his remaining time is spent preparing to prosecute three accused cop killers.

The trial is scheduled to begin in September, shortly after the August 30th Democratic primary.

Although he also manages an office with 500 employees and every four years runs for re-election, Satz personally prosecutes murder cases.

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Its part of his philosophy that every one of the 12 attorney supervisors at the State Attorney’s Office – their office titles are Assistant State Attorneys-in-Charge – handle cases.

Alleged cop killers Andre Delancy, Bernard Forbes and Eloyn Ingraham are the latest to be prosecuted by Satz. They are accused of gunning down decorated Deputy Brian Tephford at a routine traffic stop in 2006. They also are charged with the attempted murder of Deputy Corey Carbocci, who was shot when he arrived as back up.

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