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Biggest Divorce Mediation Benefits

Divorce is emotionally devastating. In addition, the process can be long, destructive and drawn out for everyone involved.

In this post, we focus on divorce mediation in Orlando and its benefits.

So, is mediation a viable choice for your divorce case?

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Marriage requires the effort of two people. Divorce needs only one. So, no matter the effort you take to salvage the marriage, if the other partner is not reciprocating the effort, you’ll end up divorcing.

However, you have latitude in choosing the best divorce method. Knowing you have choices, you’ll want a peaceful, fair, and cost-effective process.

It Puts Your Children First

Divorce is a complex process. It’s likely to take a significant toll on you. However, it’s even tougher for your children.

Imagine the stress about where they’ll live, and the feeling like it was their fault. It’s even worse if you put them through a court process.

With each phone call, demand letter and arguments being sent by your lawyers, the process becomes adversarial. Soon, you and your spouse will be fighting leaving no time to look after the kids. With this, you’ll rarely find on what’s best for them.

Imagine the pain your kids will go through in a court process. The judge has to ask whether the kids want to live with their father or mother. But that’s not the case with divorce mediators. The decisions they make will consider its impact on your children.

  1. It’s More Peaceful

A divorce process is likely to get heated. However, just because you’re terminating your marriage doesn’t mean it has to turn ugly.

Rather than engaging two attorneys to represent you in court, hire one mediator to maintain peace between parties. With this, you can agree on all aspects of your divorce process. Such include how to share property and identify the parent to obtain custody of their children.

  1. Higher Compliance Rate

Would you prefer to be compelled to do something or have a say in what you do?

In mediation, you’ll determine what’s essential and what’s not. In most cases, you’ll discover the order in which these issues will be resolved. With this, you’re able to make a unique agreement. An agreement that reflects on what’s best for your kids and for you two.

Since you take part in drafting the mediation document, it’ll be hard to avoid implementing the terms.

Remember, in a divorce, no one wins. How you move through and beyond divorce is your choice. So, wouldn’t you want a divorce that’s cost-effective, peaceful, and best for your family?