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Best Text to Speech Converters


Nowadays, many people embrace audio content due to the flexibility it offers and the freedom to execute other activities without losing focus. The daily bustle and hustle prevent even the book worms from reading their favorite books daily. This dilemma also applies to people who love to digest written content but are always too busy reading the contents.

What if you came across one of the best online text to speech converter that eases your stress and converts your texts into speech effectively? A lot of platforms online promise to deliver this result, but most times, some of them come short of expectations due to several low features. So far, Naturaltts seems to be the only platform that provides a full-kit of options to choose from to get the best results.

The Finest Set of Genuine Human Voices

The wonderful advancement of Artificial Intelligence across different industries now makes feats that formerly seemed impossible, now possible. Several online texts to speech software implement enhanced versions of Artificial Intelligence as their major speech converter, ignoring the application of genuine human voices.

Despite the rapid exploits of Artificial Intelligence, it still unmatchable with the capabilities of human achievements as regards text to speech conversion.

The best online text to speech software should be able to provide you with at least 60 sets of human voices to select in different dialects and accents. The voices should sound as natural as possible without you feeling awkward after listening to them. Selecting a human voice to convert your online text to speech will help you maintain a sense of dignity throughout the text pronunciation.

Easy Transferring Capability

Now that you have successfully converted your text to speech, the next important phase is transferring the output to your desired format for easy use., you don’t need it in its raw form right before thee on the website.

Easily transferring the output to a more useable, accessible format makes the entire conversion process a success worthy of your time; otherwise, you would prefer reading text in its unconverted format.

Just a few text-to-speech software programs on the internet perform well when it comes to transferring your converted texts to your desired format. A few of them offer popular options like mp3, which is the most used option because of its versatility.

Unlike other online platforms where you might need to pay, Naturaltts offers an mp3 download option for free. They also allow you to convert a sizable amount of text without subscribing to the full option.

A Straightforward Conversion Process

What else are you doing on that website if not to convert your text to speech? Would it make sense if you must wait all day for your texts to get converted? It does not! This aspect can be considered the most important of the conversion process and should be completed in the fastest time possible. Some platforms even allow you to copy and paste your text in a provided box where it is converted shortly after.

While some online text to speech platforms allow you to upload the text directly in its original form while it scans it for you, this method is most suitable if you have huge pdf files that cannot be easily copied and pasted into the system.