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Best Foods To Eat Before Bed To Help You Fall Asleep Quickly

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Are you often hungry before bed and find yourself hunting a midnight snack to tide you over?

A snack before bed can help you sleep better, especially if you find yourself waking up halfway through the night due to hunger pangs.

But what foods are you munching on? Do you indulge your sweet tooth with cookies and ice cream? Or do you opt for the salty fix of potato chips?

When it comes to late night snacking not all foods are created equal. Many foods can inhibit sleep, leading to a restless night tossing and turning; while others will have you happily dozing in no time.

Foods high in fat, sugar, and salt are a recipe for disaster when it comes to your sleep: Making it harder to fall asleep, and causing frequent nighttime awakenings.

Learn how to construct the perfect midnight snack by including these five key components.

5 Building Blocks Of The Ultimate Midnight Snack​

1. Magnesium & Potassium

Two minerals — potassium and magnesium — go a long way in helping us get a restful night of sleep by promoting muscle relaxation.

Not only will they make it easier for you to get comfortable in bed, but they also help ease leg and other muscle cramps.

While dark leafy greens and beans are packed with magnesium, they’re not exactly snack-time favorites.

Thankfully, certain nuts and seeds are equally rich in this mineral, such as pumpkin seeds, almonds, and cashews.

You can get your fill of potassium from sweet potatoes (the chips make an excellent substitute), as well as dried apricots, coconut water, and yogurt.

Bananas, however, are ideal for a late night mineral fix: With 806 mg of potassium and 60 mg of magnesium per medium banana.

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