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Behind the Controls: Daniel Peckham

Daniel Peckham
Image: Daniel Peckham

It doesn’t take long for one to appreciate Daniel Peckham work. His images are breathtaking and after you read this, you’ll see why. Daniel is a still photographer with a keen eye for color, light and landscape. Once he started to experiment with drones, his creativity skyrocketed and he had a new outlet for his talents. We’re lucky enough to see the end products!

We are happy to spotlight Daniel Peckham in this week’s Behind the Controls! His images (many taken in Southern California) are bright, clear, creative and eye-catching. Learn more about how he got started with drones, his most epic crashes and advice for those who are thinking about getting into the drone space.

First, a random fact about me that no one would know: I was born in Papua New Guinea and spent most of my early years living in the remote rain forest of West Papua, Indonesia. This has profoundly shaped my outlook on life and given me an appreciation of people and places all over the world.

How would you summarize the work you do with drones – business, pleasure or both?

My drone photography is first for myself, and business second. When I head out with my drone, I am primarily pursuing my passion to create beautiful images and cultivate creativity. Of course, it still helps to make some money, so I do keep that in mind.

For example, though I tend to focus on still images, I always try to shoot some good-quality video also, since the demand for high quality video seems to be greater than for stills.

FullDrone, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com Sept.5, 2016

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