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Atom Finance Review-No-cost Stock Analysis Solution


When you are making trading decisions, do you tend to prioritize technical analysis? Atom Finance promotes itself as the free alternative to Bloomberg and as of now, people seem to agree with that statement.

This great platform is accessible by traders from all over the world and they also launched a paid option as well. Though there is a paid option, it is still substantially cheaper than paying for access to a Bloomberg terminal.

This Atom Finance review will guide you through the features of Atom Finance as well as the pros and cons you will need to know about.

Atom Finance features

Although Atom Finance is small, it is quickly growing and creating a level playing field within the markets. It is becoming revolutionary simply because it took its chance when the market began to show that it could become successful. Both beginner and veteran investors can gain plenty of information from this platform that they likely won’t be able to find anywhere else. Let’s take a closer into the features available.

Create Financial Models

The financial model of Atom Finance allows you to forecast the future performance for any business of your choice. These models are created from a range of different factors that include income statements, retained earnings, cash flow, and industry data. This fantastic feature offers an alternative to manually created spreadsheets that can be created directly on the platform.

Customized News Feed

Atom Finance offers a great news feed that platforms such as Robinhood simply do not offer. This newsfeed provides you with relevant news stories about the companies that you actually care about. It is specifically trained to focus on important financial data that could influence your trading decisions.

In-Depth Company Analysis

To find out about a specific company, all you will need to do is type its name or ticker into the search box, where you will find all of the information you need. There are morning, afternoon, and evening briefs available to you. You will be able to read through complete stock reports and find out exactly which stocks are trending at the current moment.

There are also five different analysis tools available on Windows and iOS, including Sandbox, Portfolio, and X-Ray.

See Your Financial Accounts in One Place

Investors can see all of their financial accounts in one place using Plaid. They will be able to track their financial accounts simply by synchronizing them with the platform when it is possible. You will also be able to easily monitor stats as well as receive real-time profits and loss statements.

You don’t need to worry as Atom will not gain access to any of your accounts, so it is completely secure and safe. There are also five different analysis tools available on Windows and iOS, including Sandbox, Portfolio, and X-Ray.

Stock Alerts

The stock alerts provided by Atom Finance allow you to easily keep track of the stocks you really care about. There are plenty of watch lists available and you can also set price alerts so that you will be the first to know if a stock is beginning to climb or fall. Its interface is incredibly simple which means that you can easily keep track of a variety of asset classes including things such as commodities, currencies, bonds, and stocks.

Pros and Cons of Atom Finance

Atom Finance is a great platform that provides investors with a no-cost stock analysis solution and its public beta has attracted over 100,000 sign-ups. The company has well and truly made its mark by providing institutional-level investment data to retail investors worldwide. Let’s take a look into the specific pros and cons of Atom Finance to determine whether or not it would be a good fit for you.


  • Easily connected to popular brokerages
  • Completely free for investors no matter their experience
  • In-depth stock market research


  • Little to no customer support available
  • Atom+ charges a fee for institutional access

Is it right for you?

While this review makes Atom Finance out to be a massively popular and successful platform, that doesn’t mean that it will be perfect for absolutely everyone. That is why it is so important for you to do your research to ensure that you end up putting your finances somewhere that you will reap a good reward. Most of the reviews available, as well as this one, are full of praise for Atom Finance for democratizing access to market data.

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