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Are the Myths About Cryptocurrency True?


If you are a keen investor of Bitcoins, and if you want to extend your investments by doing the same with other cryptocurrencies at present, then you might be suffering from various dilemmas regarding your investment plans as you might be having specific trust issues throughout the process. The cryptocurrency trade market is volatile, and thus, it is automatically sensitive to the news on the internet.

Several times you might notice the market going down out of nowhere. But if you go and search the internet, you would be able to see at least one news or another on the Bitcoin trade market. Several rumors exist in the world regarding cryptocurrencies which have been affecting the price rate and market condition of various cryptocurrencies due to these myths. Now is the high time to clear out the clouds of the masses in this article.

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Myths on Cryptocurrencies

  • Cryptocurrencies are illegal

When you start taking an interest in cryptocurrencies, you might get curious about the countries that do not accept any cryptocurrencies from any part of the world. And when you question the laws and regulations of that particular country, you might come across various posts mentioning that cryptocurrency is illegal as they are some weird types of digital currency.

Well, the above point is a myth because the fact is that various cryptocurrencies like BTC work on a decentralized rule, and thus no government bodies have the right to interfere in cryptocurrency transactions. The central bodies take this into their egos and end up banning a few cryptocurrencies in their country, which people take for illegal digital currency!

  • Cryptocurrency will replace Fiat Currencies

There are various rumors and myths about cryptocurrencies that there will be a day when cryptocurrencies will overrule fiat currencies. It is pretty challenging to say whether this myth is valid or not. But there is the fact that you need to know. With the rise of digitalization in the present world, it is pretty evident that everything will become digitalized someday.

Thus, you can say that there are chances that the above myth might turn true eventually in the future. But if you focus on the present situation, then you can bust the overhead myth as false because overthrowing an entire fiat currency from a nation at once is impossible. Both the cryptocurrencies might continue to exist together!

  • Crypto does not involve taxation

Take the decentralization of bitcoin for instance. It should be like the government does not have any right to interfere in the transactions related to cryptocurrencies; thus, there is no point in paying taxes for the transactions to the government. However, in reality, it is not valid. As you know, the world does not work the right way always. The centralized bodies might be jealous that they cannot interfere in the internal affairs of cryptocurrencies. Thus, when people talk of legalizing cryptos in countries, the government tries to imply taxes on the transactions!

  • Cryptocurrencies do not have fundamental values

Many say that cryptocurrencies have no real-life value as they cannot see or touch them in real life. Yes, suppose you talk about feeling the structure or texture of bitcoins. In that case, it is definitely not possible as it is a digital currency and virtual assets you need to deal with virtually. However, the above myth is ultimately busted as false because digital currencies have absolute life values, which is why people can cash out BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

  • Use for illegal purposes

There is basic knowledge that you need to have to get over this myth. It entirely depends on human beings in which way they want to utilize the digital technologies, be it the various boons of science, desktops and systems, or be it the digital currencies. Thus, it is in your hand how you want to use the cryptocurrencies, and it does not make cryptocurrencies bad or meant for illegal use.



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