Home Consumer Apple Bows To Mounting Pressure, Offers $29 Battery Replacements (Video)

Apple Bows To Mounting Pressure, Offers $29 Battery Replacements (Video)


Zac Hall Editor at 9to5Mac says that Apple now has to prove itself and mend its reputation. “This is going to take time to heal from,” he said.


A week after it was first revealed Apple was slowing down older iPhones, ostensibly to stabilize performance, the company has succumbed to mounting pressure and, as an apparent gesture of goodwill, is offering owners of an iPhone 6 and later models a battery replacement for $29 — a limited-time $50 discount.

You are likely familiar with the rumor that Apple throttles older iPhones in an effort to make users resort to buying new devices. Of course, Apple maintains that’s not the case and it offered a statement regarding why iPhones may struggle as they get older.

Apple confirmed it slowed down older iPhones in an effort to better handle the power output that aging batteries can offer. Some users were upset. So much, in fact, that several lawsuits have been filed against the company.

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