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Amazon Jobs: Retailer Will Add 30,000 Part-Time Positions Over The Next Year (Video)


Amazon announced it will add 30,000 part-time U.S. jobs over the next year, the company announced Thursday.

The hiring spree includes 5,000 part-time work-from-home positions for Amazon’s Virtual Customer Service program.

“There are lots of people who want or need a flexible job—whether they’re a military spouse, a college student, or a parent—and we’re happy to empower these talented people no matter where they happen to live,” Amazon Vice President for Worldwide Customer Service Tom Weiland said in a statement.

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Amazon’s workforce, one of the biggest in the country, currently employs 40,000 part-time workers. Most of those part-time jobs are appealing to students and stay-at-home parents. The Virtual Customer Service jobs, which the company will add positions in, are “particularly attractive” to military spouses and wounded, injured or ill military veterans, Amazon said.

For part-time jobs, employees working 20 hours or more a week are eligible for benefits. Those benefits include a career program that pre-pays 95 percent of tuition for courses in high-demand fields. Other benefits, include life and disability insurance, dental and vision insurance with premiums paid in full by Amazon, and funding towards medical insurance, the company said.

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