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All You Need to Know About Gambling Regulations in Florida


Florida became the first state to legalize casino gaming. Eight casinos have been built by local tribes to offer legal gambling, including slots games. Even though internet gambling hasn’t been legalized in Florida yet, this might change in the near future.

Online gambling in Florida is a gray area. Yet, there are still ways one can access gambling in their past time. One can discover that there are tons of online sportsbooks to pick from. Before going in that direction, you should look for an ultimate guide to FL sports betting in order to know everything there’s to know about state regulations.

Local lawmakers have a good incentive to enable online betting companies to grow, since the local gaming business has grown steadily over the last few years, earning over $400 million in yearly income for the state. Yet, the majority of state legislators are wary of tampering with the existing quo, which is unlikely to produce much popular reaction.

Because there are currently no licensed online casinos available to Floridians, no iGaming businesses have engaged in opening Florida-licensed websites. When it comes to gambling, the state of Florida defines it as “playing or participating in a game of chance,” “at any location,” “by any means,” “for cash or any object of value.”

Fantasy sports in Florida

The state of Florida’s Daily Fantasy Sports market is tumultuous. The law that describes unlawful gambling, does not provide an exception for competitive sports or games in its definition of criminal gambling. The Attorney General’s formal Advisory Law Opinion from 1992 stated expressly that DFS competitions should be regarded unlawful inside the confines of the state.

Though just 3-5 percent of most company bases are made up of Florida citizens, there are plenty of other companies that provide their services to the Sunshine State inhabitants. Both firms declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Forbes. DFS legality has been pushed by local conservatives in Florida, and the state’s authorities are not interested in a legal struggle at this time. However, although their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far, they are certain to continue.



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