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AJMB Hospitality – New Brand To Revolutionize The Industry In South Florida

Adina Brunetti, one of South Florida’s most fearless and talented hospitality and marketing gurus, announced the launch of a new brand – AJMB Hospitality. And though she’s based in Miami, this new partnership will enable her to transform hospitality services in South Florida and across the U.S.

Adina Brunetti shared her thoughts: “What excites me is being able to inspire people to look at the hospitality industry from a different standpoint, offering a high quality of services.”

The AJMB brand is being built in collaboration with AB 27 Group, Adina Creative Food, and other media and development companies. This gives clients an edge over the competition because the combined experience and success of the partners are unparalleled in the industry.

Perhaps the most exciting part about the launch is that it will serve as a full-service firm for catering, event entertainment, and restaurant marketing with promotion and events. The partnership provides many excellent future growth opportunities, such as entering new markets.

And one thing is for sure, Adina strives for excellence, and she knows the restaurant industry. So, if you own a struggling restaurant in Miami, allow her and AJMB Hospitality to breathe new life into it once again!

Adina Brunetti is one of the most successful marketing and restaurant experts who wears many hats. She is currently the creative director for Adina Creative Food and AB 27 Group but has recently added founder of AJMB Hospitality to her bio.

As a collective, she oversees a portfolio of multiple restaurants and bars that are successfully developed and marketed. Her company and its participants are also receivers of several prestigious prizes and awards in both the U.S. and international countries.

And did we mention that Adina Brunetti is the author of a couple of industry-specific books? Her books Your Restaurant: Creation, Transformation, and Promotion and Your Restaurant: Exceptional Customer Service will transform the minds of restaurateurs.

Reading both of the books gives a great look at her thoughts on branding and rebranding restaurants, as well as how to market and handle customer service properly. The books are available on her Adina Creative Food website, where you can download a PDF or audiobook of each for free.

“If you want to do business, love your business and convince yourself that you are doing everything right. And be a little adventurous.”

Take Adina’s advice and stay tuned for the new AJBM Hospitality projects!


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