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9/11 Comm. Lawyers Wanted Probe Poss Saudi Royal Family Ties To Hijackers

Image: 28pages.org

As President Obama prepares to visit Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, his administration is under increasing pressure to declassify 28 pages that, according to many who’ve read them, illustrate financial links between the Saudi government and the 9/11 hijackers.

Meanwhile, a far lesser-known document from the files of the 9/11 Commission—written by the same principal authors as the 28 pages and declassified last summer without publicity and without media analysis—indicates investigators proposed exploring to what extent “political, economic and other considerations” affected U.S. government investigations of links between Saudi Arabia and 9/11.

Drafted by Dana Lesemann and Michael Jacobson as a set of work plans for their specific parts of the 9/11 Commission investigation, the 47-page document also provides an overview of individuals of most interest to investigators pursuing a Saudi connection to the 2001 attack that killed nearly 3,000 people.

By Brian P. McGlinchey, 28pages.org for FloridaBulldog.org, April 19, 2016 

Brian P. McGlinchey is a freelance writer who launched 28Pages.org July 2014 after he saw Congressman Thomas Massie describe his reaction to reading the 28 pages. McGlinchey is a former Army officer and financial services executive, and a 1989 graduate of Bucknell University, where he studied political science and history.