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8 Smart Ideas on How to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger


A spacious home is nice and comfortable to live in. But what if you are dwelling in a smaller living space? Is there any possibility that you can make it bigger, or at least look bigger? Then it is worth considering the following design in detail by Truoba House Plans on how to work your way with your small-space living. With this house plan, you’ll not even think about 2 or 3 bedroom house plans.

Utilize your wall space

Most probably than not, this is the number one untapped resource inside your home.

  • Install a floor to ceiling bookshelves. This to fully maximize the space above where you can put other things aside from books.
  • Install hooks and hangers where you can use to hang your bikes, saving important spaces for other
  • Use wall-mounted light fixtures such as sconces instead of table light while reading. This does not only provides another space-saving idea but also gives that distinct feature and elegance in your home.

Display what you need

https://unsplash.com/photos/MP0bgaS_d1cIt always goes without saying that when it comes to small space living, less thing is better. But that is not the usual case. Interior designers are always surprised to see their client’s small home having many extra elements.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be stripped down of what you want in your home. But if you really consider the best interior design in detail, then you have to focus your attention on those things that are most important to you – things that bring joy and inspiration to your daily life – these are the pieces that you should see in each passing day.

Choose a settee

This is the perfect match for a small interior. A settee or bench is always the best choice when it comes to entertaining visitors without bringing in an overstuffed sofa that would certainly occupy most of your space. Additionally, a settee costs less than a traditional sofa. They are easy to move around the house and bring uniqueness to your house.

Folding wall table or desk

https://unsplash.com/photos/Cd84YdL9px8To gain more space on your floor, try this smart idea of collapsible wall-mounted tables and desks. You can also try tables that can be easily folded and stored. This is a perfect idea if you want to have more space for your guests, visitors or certain activities.


Use storage wisely

We suggest that you make the best use of the storage you’ve got. For example, there are lots of kitchen interior design hacks that you can make. Why not hang your cups and utensils on the walls? Aside from the free space, it also brings a smart design if you coupled it with a built-in cabinet with storage compartments that slide out. Be creative.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

https://unsplash.com/photos/ledpW0Zk2fUYou might not notice but mirrors are the century-old trick for making your home look bigger than in reality. And would you believe that they never fail to work on that magic? You can use them to reflect light and skillfully deceive the eye into perceiving the space is more spacious than it is.

Mirrors positioned adjoining to windows and glass doors reflect natural lights and are certain to trick the eye as if you have another window in your room. The more windows, the bigger your home will certainly appear. Try it and you might also be surprised.

Lights, action!

There is no doubt that when it comes to lighting, gloomy and dark corners make small space look even smaller. The fact that it will cut-off that dark part of your room will make it appear tinier than before.

Be sure to light your room and corners of the house pretty well. Try as much as possible to eliminate those dark areas by installing lighting fixtures strategically all over the place, especially on those dark ones. Wall-mounted sconces would certainly do the trick once more, eliminating dark spots and making the internal surroundings alive and vibrant.

Select a double-duty furniture

https://unsplash.com/photos/FV3GConVSssChoosing a piece of furniture that is multi-functional is one of the best ideas for a small space living. Instead of a sofa, why not use a bench that has hidden storage beneath? Well, you can choose from hundreds of styles. The point here is that you are trying to save a large space for a more relaxing and spacious area.

There are other convertible furniture that can definitely do the trick. For instance, a folding wall table or a settee would serve their purpose as well.

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