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7 Guns, Ammo Stolen From Parked Truck At Davie Plaza – WSVN Video


A South Florida gun owner is speaking out and expressing concern days after, he said, a man was caught on video breaking into his truck in broad daylight and taking off with tens of thousands of dollars in firearms and ammunition.

Parking Lot Break-In

The victim, Dorian Jumper, said he and some friends were on their way to a local gun range, Saturday afternoon, when they decided to stop at a sushi restaurant located in a plaza along the 15700 block of Sheridan Street in Davie.

Inside the restaurant, the staff announced someone’s blue truck had been burglarized. The thief had apparently punched open the lock of Jumper’s car with some kind of tool.

7 Weapons, Ammo stolen

Jumper said the burglar got away with four rifles, three pistols and a chest rig. He said he owns some of those weapons. “I don’t know where they’re gonna end up,” he said. “God forbid they’re used in some sort of crime.”

By Nicole Linsalata, WSVN, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com June 22, 2016