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7 Essential Apps for the Up-and-Coming Digital Nomad


Digital nomads represent the newest generation of workers and travelers. These globetrotters turn the world into their office by using the Internet to make a living. This lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it’s within reach. With your laptop in tow, you can use the following apps to help you stay organized, productive, and in the know, as you work and travel. 


The hustle and bustle of frequent travel combined with the everyday stressors of work-life can make a recipe for anxiety. Use this app to improve your focus and let go of excess stress. With meditations ranging from three to thirty minutes, you can use the app to find an exercise that fits your schedule. 

The free version contains a ten-session try-out limit, which is plenty for most people until they decide if it’s worth paying for a subscription.

The iPostal1 app

One challenge for digital nomads is keeping track of and receiving mail. The iPostal1 app gives you around-the-clock access to a digital mailbox. A digital mailbox is an actual location that intercepts mail on your behalf while you’re busy traveling. 

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When you receive mail, you’ll also receive a picture of the letter or package on your phone. From there, you can decide whether you want your mail scanned, stored, or forwarded to you. The app is your one-stop shop for managing correspondence while you’re jet-setting.

Don’t lose valuable sleep and vacation time worrying about your packages or documents falling into the wrong hands. With this app, you can fly down the runway in peace, knowing that your mail is safe. 


The Points.com app is an easy way to manage your frequent flyer points. The app helps you compare prices and rates between different airlines, and it can even give you suggestions based on your spending habits. This app is a must-have for digital nomads who are always in the air.


Evernote is an excellent way to keep all of your notes in one place, whether they be text, documents, or checklists. The Evernote app also uses cloud technology to sync across all of your devices, so you’ll never be without your notes when you need them. 

Time Doctor

This time tracking app gives you insights into how you’re spending your time so that nothing slips under the radar. Use it often to keep yourself on track and set alarms when it’s time for lunch or leisure breaks. Managing your time can boost your productivity and help you avoid burnout.


Use Canva to create images for travel, your website, and more. With Canva, you can become creative without learning complex design skills. It also lets you create graphics for specific social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook.


Twilight uses your smartphone to produce a blue light screen that allows you to sleep better at night by blocking out the real world for a while. 

It also has a helpful feature called “sleep notes”. This feature lets you keep track of your progress and get tips about how to improve over time. Twilight offers an excellent way to battle the effects of jet lag or just help you get an appropriate amount of sleep each night. 

Consider using one or more of these apps for digital nomads. Doing so will make your business and personal life easier as you keep up with the latest digital trends. Have a safe trip!