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Mobile Tech Trends to Watch Out for 2021 and Beyond


The mobile industry is forging ahead. Today, smartphone features are no longer limited to making phone calls and interacting with apps. Smartphones turned to be an integral part of our lives and serve a number of purposes. Whether you are a developer or have a mobile application idea, you need to keep up with the latest trends in app development services.

Below, you will explore some of the most promising mobile tech trends to watch out for in the upcoming years.

1. Instant Apps are Gaining Momentum

Android system is one of the key setters for mobile trends in the world. Owners and dedicated development team like MLSDev that create new applications on the Google Play Store need to take notice of Android Instant Apps. 

If you have not heard about the technology, Instant Applications fully meet their name. They run instantly without an installation process. The new technology allows users to test a new application without having to deal with a long installation process. As a result, such applications increase the chance that users will install an app. However, only if they get a great experience while using an instant version.

Will Apple follow the trend? Well, for not, Instant Apps are limited to Android exclusively. Only time will show how this technology will turn out.

2.  Apps Will Go in the Cloud

The widespread use of the latest technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things created the need for much storage and processing powers on mobile devices. That’s why more and more developers are turning to cloud technology to power their solutions and custom software development services

The mobile-cloud era is on the rise. Cloud-based applications use remote servers to store and process data. As a result, applications can provide great functionality across multiple devices and use much more computing powers than mobile devices can offer.

3. Geofencing will Change User Experience

Mobile devices allow applications to collect a lot of information about users. They can track their interests, websites visited, and even places they frequent offline. 

Often, even apps that don’t provide a geolocation feature ask users to share their geolocation information. They use the information to provide better-targeted ads in their marketing campaign.

In the future, geolocation technology will be used for geofencing widely. For example, if a. user enters a certain geofenced area, the user will get a push notification about the ongoing promotion, special offer, etc. As a result, geofencing will change marketing as we know it.

4. Internet of Things will Enter Our Homes

The Internet of Things is on the rise. However, we have witnessed only a fraction of its capabilities so far. In the future, users will control their homes with the help of smartphones and a network of interconnected devices. Smartphones will turn into hubs that will control every part of our homes and everything inside of them. Smart thermostats, locks, light bulbs and even curtains will become more widespread and accessible to everyone.

5.  AI & Machine Learning will Become Hotter

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has already created a lot of innovative solutions that are revolutionizing different industries. Still, the real power of these technologies is yet to be discovered.

They will give birth to a number of innovative solutions. Smart assistants will become even more powerful. Improved voice recognition will enable hands-free use of mobile technologies. Better data analysis will allow for better targeted marketing and generate more revenue. 

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are a holy union that will create a lot of metamorphoses in the mobile industry.

6.  AR and VR will Transfigure Industries

Virtual and Augmented reality are the technologies that are predicted to gain momentum in the future. There are a few directions VR and AR can take including entertainment, education, eCommerce, etc. Without a doubt, AR and VR will become an integral part of the mobile industry and their use will become even more widespread.

Summing Everything Up

Whether you are a developer, a startup owner or just someone interested in modern technology, you need to keep track of the changes and innovations in the industry.