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6 Super Simple Hacks To Get Your Backyard Summer Ready

For all the proud backyard bosses summer is just around the corner when everything really starts coming to life again.

If you are new to this or just looking for a few good tips and advice we are going to show you how some simple tips can get you prepared for summer, super easy.

Plan Everything

It is tempting to just go crazy, which is why you should always have a plan. This will stop you from buying a ton of stuff you don’t need.

You’ll have a better idea of the actual seeds and plants you want and need, rather than being seduced by everything.

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Just as you would plan out and buy the ingredients for a recipe you were going to prepare and cook, take the same approach to your backyard and you’ll have a beautiful thing ready and waiting to be enjoyed and nurtured through summer.

Get Weeding

If you’ve not paid much attention to your backyard during winter and even spring, there’s likely to be a healthy (or unhealthy) selection of weeds to get to grips with.

This is not everyone’s idea of fun, but weeding is a surprisingly good way to really make your backyard look better. An oscillating hoe is a great tool to use when you’re trying to work at removing the weeds from your borders and pathways.

Get Your Lawn Under Control

Once you know that the final frost has passed, you should also be turning your attention to your lawn.

It’s time to start giving it a haircut.

While the lawnmower will tackle those larger and wider areas easily, for the corners and edges, corded string trimmers are the easiest way

Tidy the Yard, Decking and/or Patio

Look around your backyard area. Are there’s lots of planting containers and pots with plants that are as good as dead? Get rid of them and empty any compost that’s still inside them into your composter if you have one.

Now look at the pots and containers themselves, do they need cleaning up or would it be best to just throw them away.

Make a judgment call on each. Remember, even if you replace them all with just one or two larger, new planters, it’s going to make your backyard look better than having an array of mismatching and dirty planters.

Start Planting!

As well as working on the planters and containers along your path and on your decking or patio area, you should start planting in your borders, if you haven’t done so already.

To keep things simple, you could use variations on the kinds of plants you’re using in your planters for the borders. Long-flowering, hardy and quick-growing plants are ideal. Think about nicotiana, salvias, dahlias and cosmos.

Sort Out any Old Backyard Furniture That’s Seen Better Days

Now that you’ve got things underway and things are starting to look a lot livelier and fresher, turn your attention to your backyard furniture.

Are you one of these people that has old and seen-better-days furniture that you just can’t bear to get rid of? Well, if they are structurally sound, you may not have to.

However, think how much better your backyard will look if you gave them some love and attention. A power washer, or even just a good old-fashioned scrubbing brush will help get rid of all that nasty and unsightly algae, moss and dirt.

Wooden fencing, decking and of course, furniture can also be improved just by giving them a new coat or two of paint or stain. It really can be that simple.

You see, it doesn’t need to take a lot of effort, time or even money to get your backyard looking ready for all those summer barbecues and (hopefully) long days spent playing with the kids and entertaining friends while catching some rays.