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5 Ways You Can Cut Down on Fat Consumption

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There are many theories about what’s good and bad for you. One thing that researchers have found is that too much-saturated fat is bad. It blocks the arteries and causes some heart and weight problems. Having a lot of visceral fat is also dangerous for your organs.

On top of that, fats are higher in calories than other food groups. If you eat too many fats, you will end up gaining weight much quicker, or it can stall your weight loss. This is because you’re eating the extra calories.

While you still want some healthy fats (as they’re good for your body and brain), you will want to cut down on the saturated fats you eat.

But sometimes you don’t know how much fat is in your food, do you? Reading the labels will help, but when you want to make quick choices or work off restaurant menus, you’ll need to take other steps to cut down on your fat consumption. Here are five ways that you can do it.

Opt for the Lean Cuts of Meat as Much as Possible

Before you buy the cuts of meat from the store or your local butcher, find out about how lean it is. Lean protein will have very little fat on it. But there are plenty of cuts out there that are high in fat, with the majority of it being the unhealthy saturated fats.

Sure, you can cut the fats off, but some of the fats are within the meat itself. You can’t get rid of that. You’ll usually notice if the meat is high in fat due to the amount that comes off during the cooking process. Lean cuts will give off very little in the baking, grilling or cooking process.

This will mean changing your buying methods in some cases. If you go to the butcher, you’ll need to ask for the lean cuts and find out more about the way the minces are made. In the grocery store, you’ll want to look for specific types of animals, cuts and the labels that say 5% or 10% fat. Anything under 5% is considered “Extra Lean” and the best option for you.

Positive Health Wellness, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, April 20, 2018

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