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5 Ways to Recruit Top Talent to Your Business


Many business owners, especially in the insurance industry assume that money is what attracts talent, but this is not always true. Qualified and skilled job seekers look for more than just a handsome salary with benefits. So, how do you cut through the vast marketplace of candidates and bring only the best talent to your company?

A recent study done by Indeed showed that 56% of insurance business owners struggle to find the right employee for the role. This is especially true for small business owners who have to lure candidates away from large corporations. The study further showed that a mere 17% of small business owners believed they could attract top talent.

That said, you can still recruit the best candidates for your business on a budget. Here’s how.

Head to a Networking Event

Job fairs and networking events are ideal places to find talented candidates, as they allow you to interact with them in person. This gives you a better chance to explain why you need them and why your business is where they should be working. Aside from new employees, you could also find new partners and clients at networking events.

Use Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has become a better option or has completely replaced many functions of an insurance business, from marketing to communication and more. This also applies to recruiting employees. Instead of using traditional job boards, make posts on your social media accounts announcing that your business is hiring.

Aside from opening up your business to a wider audience of potential candidates, you can also give applicants an enticing taste of the culture at your company. You can further broaden your reach by asking your current employees to make announcements on their social media profiles.

Stand out From the Crowd

Typical job listing posts are pretty boring to read and don’t usually make a compelling case for potential candidates, especially if you stick to the typical “the successful candidate will…” style. Instead, create a more fun and enticing post that gives candidates a taste of what working at your insurance business will be like and how they’ll benefit in the long run.

Make a Compelling Offer

Salary and workplace culture aside, how can you provide an enticing offer to potential candidates in your job listings? One way is to have the right set of benefits. Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan offers business owners a variety of insurance benefits to their employees, including comprehensive group benefits and insurance.

Tailor Your Interviews

Once you’ve found a potential candidate that you consider the right fit and it’s time to hold an interview, it would be wise to avoid sticking to a generic script.

Talented employees don’t just want a job. They have goals, ambitions and their own unique expectations of a good workplace. Consider this when holding an interview and remember to be honest about what your insurance business can offer.

With the right approach, you can easily find the best talent for your business, no matter how large or small your company is.


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