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5 Tips For Growing Your YouTube Channel Faster


To make YouTube your profession and earn a steady stream of income from it, you need to scale up your subscriber count and the watch time of your videos. You can buy YouTube subscribers, but since they won’t engage with your content properly, you need some additional strategies in place to help you make an impact.

YouTube is a wonderful site for content creation and marketing and has become even greater in the past couple of years. Many people are looking towards making YouTube videos at least as a side hustle to bring in some extra cash for their income. Here are some of the best youtube money calculators to get an idea about the amount being earned. With over one billion active accounts, it’s no wonder that multiple creator accounts are rising to give healthy competition to each other.

We are here to tell you about how you can optimize the growth of your channel and tip the table in your favor sooner. Let’s get started with strategizing!

Consistent Content Creation

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Consistency is key on every platform. You might see some video creators uploading only once or twice a week and still getting great views. But what you don’t know is that to get that kind of loyalty from their subscribers, they have had to upload more frequently in the past and get subscribers from scratch. It did not miraculously happen in a day, so you need to get it into your head that you have to do the tough work as well. To increase viewers of your videos you need to put out content consistently without compromising on the quality. To gain more exposure and scale up your channel, more videos can help you get more watch time and thus more revenue. 

Engagement With The Audience

Engaging with your audience will take you a long way ahead. It can help you form a bond with them and they are more likely to share your videos with others if they see that you engage with the audience. It can be a simple like in their comment too, any form of engagement is great. It shows that you reciprocate the love you receive, so they engage more. You can increase viewers of your videos by making your audience feel included in the process of content creation. You can also get suggestions for topics for the upcoming videos, which saves you the headache of thinking of one on your own.

Consistemt Content

End screens are a fairly new feature but are a great way of getting the audience hooked to your content. If the audience already likes your content, end screens make them want to watch more of it. You can add other CTAs such as the link to subscribe to your channel or follow you on some social media platforms as well. This is a very useful strategy as many people are always looking to keep themselves engaged with the internet.

With a simple click, they can watch your next video, so you should certainly incorporate this strategy into the workings of your channel. Your viewers won’t get bored and will easily be driven to consume more content from you. 


YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, so of course, Youtube SEO plays a big part in it. It plays a huge role in the visibility of your video, and if your videos are optimized for keywords, their chances of ranking higher for it are automatically improved. You can make use of tools like Google Trends and Ubersuggest to help you analyze the power of a particular keyword and see if it can do the work for you. It will give you an idea about which keywords you can pick for your video and which you can drop quickly. A decent keyword can be the key to making a good revenue out of a video, so select them carefully.

Catchy Thumbnails

Without catchy titles and thumbnails, your channel will lose its appeal. It will seem to your audience that you are not in touch with the real world at all, and they will lose interest quickly. Use catchy thumbnails but don’t mislead your audience with clickbait. Since most people are going to use YouTube on their smartphones, design smaller thumbnails so that it is optimized for the app.

The thumbnail should be distinct for your channel so that people can identify it when they see it frequently. A good thumbnail paired with a great title can drive in viewers like nothing else.

YouTube shows no signs of slowing down on its growth and has included many new features for you to engage with your audience. The Shorts feature is an easy way to put out some engaging clips that can motivate more people to subscribe to your channel. You can also upload interesting stories about your day-to-day life to engage with your audience more frequently if you can’t upload videos that much.

If you buy YouTube subscribers, you can add to the credibility of your account but you can’t make them engage with your content. So you need to have a real audience as well so that you can monetize your channel faster.