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5 of the Worst SEO Mistakes to Make in 2022


In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to ensure your website ranks high in search engine results pages (SERPs). However, making careless mistakes can tank your SEO efforts and result in a lower ranking – which means fewer website visitors.

This blog post will discuss five of the worst SEO mistakes you can make in 2022, so stay ahead of the competition by avoiding these blunders!

Not Using an SEO Agency

One of the worst mistakes anyone can make when performing SEO in 2022 is not using an SEO agency. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming that SEO is easy to perform and that they can simply do it themselves without help.

While it is true that there are certainly a few things that you might be able to do, you probably won’t know exactly what you are doing or why you are doing it, and therefore it won’t be as effective. By using the services provided by an SEO agency such as Figment Agency, you can be assured of results and the fact that your website will climb in rankings.

Not Creating Content for Humans

Another prevalent mistake people make when performing SEO is not creating content for humans. This mistake is very common since many assume that when creating content, they need to do so for search engines. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way, and search engines such as Google are becoming increasingly sophisticated at analysing content.

More importantly, the primary purpose of Google is to answer users’ search queries, and as such, Google prefers content that does that exact thing. More importantly, in terms of creating content, Google once original content. While it is true that this might be difficult to do, there is a phrase that says, “there are no new ideas, just new ways to present them,” and that’s what you will have to do.

Not Researching Keywords

Of all the mistakes you can make when performing such engine optimization, not researching keywords is probably one of the biggest. In case you are unfamiliar, keywords are basically what is used to tell search engines what can be found on a web page, and more importantly, they are also used to help users find content.

When researching keywords, you will want to find ones that will allow you to gain the most organic traffic. However, if you are not a massive website and don’t have a lot of domain authority, targeting incredibly popular keywords would be pointless since you won’t stand a chance against the already established sites competing for them, too.

No Link Building Strategy

Much like not performing any keyword research, having no link-building strategy is also a big mistake you should avoid making. There seems to be this idea that if you have as many links as possible, you will move up in the SERPs. While this might have been the case a few years ago, many updates to Google’s algorithm have changed how links work.

In 2022, you will want to focus on quality rather than quantity, much like content. In other words, it is far better to gain a backlink from a reputable website with good domain authority rather than many links from shady or unknown websites. The whole point of the link-building strategy is to gain authority for your website and organic traffic, and shady links won’t help you do that.

Not Analyzing Your Efforts

Finally, the last mistake you should avoid making when performing search engine optimization is not analyzing your results. You would be surprised at the number of websites that have S EO strategies without even taking a look at what their efforts on doing.

The primary purpose of analyzing your SEO efforts would be to see what goals you need to set. Perhaps you are not gaining enough website traffic. You may gain a lot of website traffic, but visitors aren’t sticking around. Without knowing what results your SEO efforts are bringing in, you won’t be able to create an effective strategy.


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