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5 Multivitamins That Are Actually Good for Your Body


Food. Our lives seem to revolve around it, from making brunch plans with your friends to meeting up for dinner with coworkers. Yet the one thing that is meant to sustain our lives might not actually be giving us the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients to live healthily.

Individuals often do not eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables per day. Doctors have recently begun to recommend taking multivitamins as one way to help remedy this insufficiency of nutrients. Not getting enough of what your body needs could eventually lead to chronic illness, which is why multivitamins are becoming an increasingly popular method to combat poor dietary choices.

According to Healthcare Weekly, in order for a multivitamin to be considered as such, it must include at least three different vitamins and ingredients. They can increase healthy sleep patterns and decrease the chances of serious illness. Heart disease is another risk that multivitamins help to combat.

With so many multivitamins on the market, how can you choose which one is right for you?The five multivitamins listed here are some of the more effective supplements for those who are athletic because of their focus on heart health and overall wellness.

1.One A Day Multivitamin

The One A Day multivitamin is full of ingredients that bodies crave, especially the active ones. They offer different multivitamins for people of all ages and needs to make sure everybody gets the necessary nutrients for their lifestyle.

This multivitamin is packed with all of the vitamins that athletes need, like vitamins C, K, E, A, and D. In addition, it contains most of the B vitamins such as Riboflavin and Thiamin. Other important minerals, like calcium and zinc, are also included in its makeup.

One A Day also offers supplements formulated specifically for those who are more active. Their attention to the many different types of people with different lifestyles makes this multivitamin stand out. They offer a personalized-feeling experience because of the focus they put on the important nutrients everyone needs.

2.Heart Healthy Multivitamin for Men

This multivitamin comes in two different forms: one formulated for men and one for women! It contains many of the same vitamins and minerals as the One A Day, but focuses specifically on heart health. This is important in athletes because of the increased amount of strain they put on their cardiovascular systems.

The ingredients in this multivitamin are targeted at maintaining healthy blood pressure and assisting an increase of daily endurance. It also includes more of the nutrients that could be depleted by other medications.

Since this particular multivitamin is for men, the ingredients are also supportive of prostate health. Its female-oriented counterpart, on the other hand, supports strong skin, hair and nails.

3.Vitamin Code Perfect Weight Multivitamin

This multivitamin uniquely assists with weight control, which is an important part of any athlete’s regime. It is chock full of vitamins and minerals that athletes need with added ingredients that help manage weight and boost energy.

This product boasts its use of RAW food-created nutrients, which means they are in a natural state containing only the minerals you want and none you don’t! This helps the supplement recognize your body’s needs so it can release the most important minerals. A bonus of this multivitamin is that it is vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free.

Cardiovascular functioning is yet another target of this multivitamin. It also promotes mental clarity and healthy blood. All of these aspects of the multivitamin make it a great choice for athletes who strive to live their healthiest lives.

4.Alive! Max Potency Women’s Multivitamin

This woman-oriented multivitamin is also made for men, and each supports a healthy lifestyle for its respective user. It consists of fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino acids, and over 40 antioxidant sources. Its diverse ingredients allow it to support many different aspects of human health.

Bone, colon, eye, and heart health are all targeted by this multivitamin. It also supports daily energy and defends the immune system. The women’s multivitamin enhances hair, skin and nails as well as urinary, bone and breast health.

The men’s version contains ingredients that focus on energy and endurance along with cardiovascular support. The diverse combination of ingredients in this supplement help convert food into energy and give the ultimate amount of support for healthy living.

5.Super 2 Daily

The Carlson Labs Super 2 Daily multivitamin is a great provider of optimal health and wellness. It also contains lutein, which focuses on healthy vision, and omega-3s for healthy hearts, brains, vision and joints.

It contains all the necessary vitamins and then some to promote overall health. It supports heart health, with natural vitamin E to enhance cardiovascular strength. They are also said to boost energy, which is a plus for athletic individuals.

The many multivitamin options can all potentially have a positive impact on your health, but these select few offer the most for those who are more physically active. Athletes should not have to worry so much about having enough energy for practice because of a lack of nutrients. Taking one of these multivitamins will boost an athlete’s performance and offer them overall better health in the future. Consider a multivitamin option to make sure you are feeding your body with everything it needs, daily!