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5 Home Maintenance Projects to Take Care of This Fall


To keep your home in a great state and have minimal emergencies involving impromptu repairs, it’s good to do maintenance on it. The weather where you live will dictate the most important maintenance tasks for your home. If you live in Florida, therefore, have a look at these five maintenance projects you need to get done before fall.

Seal Your Driveway

Your driveway takes a lot of beating from the weather and daily use in a place like Florida, so it needs the care to stay in good shape. If it’s made of asphalt, it is recommended that you re-do the stripping after every five years or so. This helps to heal any small cracks and stop them from growing and worsening. When water gets into cracks, temperature changes make it enlarge fast and it may get out of hand in a short time if ignored, calling for a total replacement rather than a fix. Avoid getting into this situation by sealing it before fall ends, and especially if it has been a while since you did it last.

Service Your HVAC

Your HVAC does a lot of work when the weather gets extreme, and it’s the reason you stay comfortable indoors with your family. For this reason, it’s good to service it this fall because it’s recommended to service the system each time the season changes. Call in a professional to check it out if you’re concerned about the state it’s in or if it has been long since you had it maintained. Otherwise, perform an inspection of the whole unit and change the filters so you don’t get into the new season with dust from the previous one.

Seal Cracks Around Windows and Doors

Small cracks around your house’s doors and windows let in cold air during the cold season, forcing you to use more energy to keep the house warm. This warm air also leaks out and so you have to keep the heat on constantly to avoid a freezing house. Perform a visual inspection of your doors and windows, and if you find any cracks, get some caulk and fill them in. You should also replace the weather stripping if it’s missing or weathered. Finally, you could get new window treatments if the current ones are nearing the end of their lifespan, or you just want a new look. One of the most durable and low-maintenance window treatments is aluminum blinds, which are available for all sizes of windows.

Inspect and Clean Your Roof and Gutters

To make sure that your roof will hold up well as the season changes, perform a visual inspection of it. If you see any loose or missing shingles, or if your roof is in a bad state in any way, call in a roofing contractor to look at it and fix it. Don’t ignore the gutters, as they tend to get clogged by seasonal debris which you need to clean out so they work as they should and drain water off your roof well.

Service Your Garage Door

Your garage door, apart from giving your home curb appeal, also serves the function of keeping your property safe. It’s advisable to call in an expert for this rather than attempting to DIY because of the technicality it involves. Details such as the hinge and locks may need expert attention to be done right. With the primary metals that are purchased by people the most often including stainless steel, hot or cold-rolled steel, and aluminum in plate, sheet, tube, or bar form, a professional will be best placed in knowing the right metals to buy to repair or upgrade it, for instance.

While Florida generally has fair weather, it’s important to stay on top of seasonal maintenance. This will save you from spending a lot of time and money on fixing something you could have prevented going wrong.