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5 Businesses that Increase in Demand after Hurricanes

FILE: Hurricane Irma Floods Streets of Miami (Frame Grab)

While Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc for many cities in different states in the U.S with businesses, schools and even hospitals closing down, many businesses flourish, owing to their nature of service/production.

Here are 5 business types whose demand increases more than ever during hurricanes and storms.

  1. Storage Units

With the devastating after effects of the hurricane, leaving thousands of people displaced and buildings shattered, one business that goes on high-demand is storage unit facilities. Since warnings are generated well in advance of the hurricanes, storage units quickly become occupied prior to the disaster.

A lot of Miami storage units were reported to have exceeded their capacity even before the recent Hurricane Irma. Storage units are of great utility both prior to and following a hurricane. Once the rebuilding phase begins, all residents look for one or more ways to accommodate their possessions.

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  1. Hotels

As soon as warnings for floods or hurricanes are issued, numerous residents begin looking for accommodations in areas they can flee to. This is bound to increase revenues for all sorts of accommodation businesses.

What may be otherwise a slow time for the hotel businesses turns into a boom period, owing to the increasing demand for alternative residence. Therefore, as a rule of thumb, do not book these hotels last minute, as this is definitely not the time to try bookish tricks to get cheaper hotel rooms.

  1. Hardware Stores

The damage caused by hurricanes needs to get fixed as soon as possible following the storm. During these times, almost everyone will be heading towards hardware stores to begin the repair work. Whether its one’s own residence, businesses, schools or hospitals,  construction work comes next.

Regardless of the fact if you’re doing it yourself or hiring a company to do it for you, profits at hardware stores will definitely witness new heights.

  1. Insurance Companies

While you may be thinking otherwise, insurance companies are one of the biggest beneficiaries in storms, hurricanes and other calamities.

Selling insurance policies becomes easiest in wake of calamities as the proofs lay before everyone’s eyes. Since part of this work is psychological, getting insured for future mishaps is the key idea on everyone’s minds at the time.

This and the urgent need to deliver to existing customers makes hurricanes and storms the busiest time for insurance policy companies.

  1. Grocery Stores

Since you won’t be able to go out and grab everyday grocery (milk, eggs, bread) until your area is declared a danger-free zone, stocking the house with enough resources to last the hurricane is vital. This is when the grocery stores face a challenge as well as reap profits.

The challenge is to remain fully stocked to cater to all customers, and if they successfully manage to do so, they can make the most of a calamity. Necessity is something that cannot be avoided regardless of the situation, and businesses dealing with necessities do experience increase in sales during such events.