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3 Things Women Should Know About Gynecologic Cancer (Video)

Gynecologic cancer

Cancer of a woman’s reproductive organs is referred to as “gynecologic cancer.” Dr. Amanika Kumar, a Mayo Clinic OB-GYN, says there are many forms of gynecologic cancer: endometrial or uterine, ovarian, vulvar, cervical, and vaginal.

“Each cancer is a little bit different,” says Dr. Kumar.

Dr. Kumar has three tips to help women stay healthy when it comes to gynecologic cancer. No. 1 is lifestyle

“It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain a normal weight,” says Dr. Kumar.

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Eating a healthy diet and exercising have both been shown to help reduce your risk of many cancers. No. 2 is screening.

“Get a yearly physical exam that includes a pelvic exam to maintain or stay up to date with your screening tests, such as Pap smears,” says Dr. Kumar.

No. 3 is being aware of symptoms.

“Being aware that postmenopausal bleeding or abnormal bleeding, or bloating and early satiety, are all symptoms of a cancer. And if you have a concern, go to your doctor or go to your health care practitioner, and bring that up,” says Dr. Kumar.

Because early detection and treatment saves lives.

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