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3 Plant-Based Bowls that Fight off Hunger


The vegan craze has taken hold of our diet in the last few years. The global warming crisis and the impact of beef agriculture have fueled movements worldwide.

“How are pigs and cows different from dogs and cats?”

“Animals have feelings too!”

“Your Big Mac is killing all of us!”

Slogans like these are spread everywhere by activists wanting to make a change in our world. Though, sometimes many get carried away with their hate. That’s why you can just consider the positive effects and benefits of incorporating more plants into your diet.

Contrary to popular belief, eating plants WILL make you feel full. You don’t have to down a quarter pounder to conquer your hunger!

Let’s get to these three plant-based bowls that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds!

  1. Sweet Potato Bowl

Sweet potatoes pack loads of Vitamin C and Vitamin A compared to their regular counterparts. So including this specific type in your bowl will definitely boost your immunity!

Combine the sweet potatoes with some anti-oxidant-rich vegetables like red cabbage, baby carrots, and legumes like chickpeas to make your sweet potato bowl.

You can add sauerkraut to give it a zing, then toss some lettuce and rocket leaves.

Top it off with a turmeric-tahini sauce, and you got yourself a refreshing bowl of protein goodness!

  1. Kimchi Bowl

Thankfully you don’t have to visit Korea to taste kimchi! The Korean diaspora has made sure you can find it from nearby stores.

If you’re not familiar with kimchi, it’s fermented cabbage typically mixed with chili paste, garlic, and ginger. However, it can also be combined with other less-spicy seasonings.

For this type of bowl, add some kimchi to cooked brown rice. Then toss in some red cabbages for heart-healthy benefits along with avocadoes for good fat to feel satiated.

Finally, pour some peanut sauce for a creamy and sweet finishing!

  1. Bean Bowl

You can use whichever type of bean you prefer, whether adzuki or black bean. For this specific recipe, adzuki beans are recommended.

Adzuki beans, also called red beans, are most often used in Asian cuisine, and they are packed with fiber and protein. The necessary ingredients that help you feel full!

Besides, they are also beneficial for your heart. Adzuki beans are also claimed to improve digestion and lower your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Now let’s get cooking!

Step 1: Cook your adzuki beans and add them to brown rice. Alternatively, you can use either quinoa or white rice.

Step 2: Add some napa cabbage (a Chinese variety of cabbage that gets sweeter when cooked), carrots, snap peas, and green onions.

Step 3: Finish your bowl by sprinkling a fresh herb like cilantro. You can also use fresh basil or mint instead.

Step 4: Pour some sesame miso dressing made with white miso paste, rice vinegar, sesame oil, tamari, and olive oil.

If you’re feeling a bit wild, you can choose to add some CBD-infused olive oil from a verified edibles supplier like Pantry Food Co for some calming effects after a long hard day!