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3 Huge Things to Look for Before Buying CBD Oil

CBD oil seems to be doing amazing things for those who use it regularly. People claim that it significantly decreases their anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, clears up their skin, and improves their sleep at night. Growing research seems to be backing up these claims.

If you’ve decided you’d like to try CBD, you’re likely feeling a little overwhelmed at the sheer quantity of products out there. Additionally, you’ve likely discovered that it’s not regulated by the FDA, so you don’t want to end up with a product that doesn’t match its label.

When shopping for CBD oil and related products, do your research. One favorite CBD oil can be found here: https://penguincbd.com/products/cbd-oil. Not all products are created equal, and with a new supplement, you don’t want to try something that’s ill-suited to your needs or potentially harmful. So, use this savvy list of things to look for when buying CBD oil.

  1. Third-Party Testing

One of the biggest drawbacks for consumers shopping for CBD is that it’s not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA is responsible for regulating consumable products so that the ingredients label matches what’s inside the product. It keeps companies honest and lets consumers rest assured that they’re not harming their bodies with something new.

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CBD is considered a Schedule 1 drug, which means that the government basically washes their hands of it. They don’t allow testing of cannabis products on humans, and they don’t get involved with the companies that sell them—unless there’s clear evidence of harm, of course.

So, to determine if the CBD you’re purchasing is clean and safe, check for evidence that it’s been tested in a third-party laboratory. Any CBD company that has done this extra testing will be anxious to share it with the public because it increases their credibility, so you should be able to find the results of the study published somewhere on their website.

It should certify that the products sold on the site contain what they say they contain and are not harmful, like Penguin CBD. Lab results for every one of their products are listed on their website.

Here’s where it gets complicated: If a company has not published lab results indicating that the CBD they use is safe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products will be harmful. There could be many reasons they don’t have testing. Perhaps they couldn’t afford it or they didn’t think to put it on the website.

But it could also mean that the results of the testing weren’t favorable, and they didn’t want the public to know. When in doubt, go with a company that openly shares its positive test results.

  1. Ingredients, Especially THC Content

There are several states where marijuana is legal that allow the sale of THC. This is the chemical found in marijuana and hemp that has psychoactive properties—in other words, the “high.” If it’s sold legally throughout the United States, CBD must contain less than 0.3 percent THC. This is the amount considered safe and lacking any psychoactive effects.

It’s vital that you confirm your CBD products don’t contain THC for many reasons. First of all, CBD containing THC will make you high, which could put you in a bad situation. It could also make you sick or be harmful to you.

  1. A Fair Price

While the growing competition in the CBD market will likely change this, CBD is expensive, and the prices are unregulated. Most companies try to remain competitive, but there are some that will rip you off, especially if they’re selling low-dose CBD in large bottles.

When buying a product, always compare it to similar options and make sure what companies claim is CBD isn’t actually hemp oil. Look at a variety of CBD chocolates, for example, with the same CBD content to determine if the price you’re paying is fair.

If you find a higher-priced product, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s a rip-off. Perhaps the product is superior and justifies the price hike, but you’ll want to be sure. A genuine product will contain premium ingredients, special features, and a brand name you can trust.