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How 23 Broward Neighborhoods Got Their Names

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Cities, like children, are sometimes named after important individuals (or old-time developers); other times, they’re just given names that sound pleasant (better for marketing!). After a while, names are accepted but no longer questioned, so it’s totally possible to live your entire life with no idea how your hometown got its name. But that’s sad – because some have really interesting backstories, especially in Broward County. (If you’re from Tamarac, you’ve really been missing out!)

To rectify the situation, we’ve rolled up our sleeves and dug deep into the dusty internet to share with you how 23 of the 30 Broward cities and towns got their names.

Coconut Creek: This municipality was named after the many coconut trees planted in the area by the city’s founders. But there aren’t any creeks here. Given that our ancestors just decided to name things half for the fun of it, let’s consider ourselves lucky this place wasn’t called Swampy Boogertown.

Cooper City: Morris Cooper immigrated to the United States from the Ukraine when he was 18, after his father had been robbed and beaten to death by a band of Russian peasants. He worked in factories until he saved enough money to open his own shirt company in New Jersey. When his luck started to change, Cooper invested his profits into a Florida orange grove and acres of surrounding land. Hence, Cooper City.

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