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100 Most Popular Small Cities To Relocate – Naples #1

Small cities were a magnet for movers in 2020. From Zoom Towns to Gig Cities, affordable, spacious, and livable spots are seeing sustained growth.

Remote work has been trending for some time, but with pandemic restrictions, the world began to speed full-throttle towards a near-universal work-from-home lifestyle. With less need to commute to work, a recent Gallup poll revealed 48% of Americans are now interested in moving to a small town or rural area.

Remote work requires only a high-speed internet connection and a place to plug in. This new flexibility opens up the possibility to relocate to far-off, middle-of-nowhere communities (natural social-distancing?) or scenic, seaside spots for some fresh and cleansing air.

Whatever the reason for the move, people headed to smaller cities can help revive, diversify, and bring new life to less populous communities throughout the nation. Plus, smaller cities offer affordability and lifestyle opportunities that crowded metropoles simply cannot.

We’ve collected and indexed a list of the most sought-out small cities among those who relocated in 2020.

Our list ranges from neighborly towns with populations of 5,000 to more robust cities of 50,000, both suburban and rural. Some sit on the edge of sprawling cities, such as Katy, Texas, just west of Houston. Others are peaceful, beachside paradises (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Naples, Florida). Remote workers may already be familiar with places like Burlington, Vermont, a long-time attraction for “the remotes.”  And with 23 small cities located in the Sunshine State, we don’t see the Florida-bound moving trend dying down anytime soon.  Continue reading

Source: MoveBudha.com