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? Tips For Organizing Your Parents’ Anniversary


We don’t thank our parents often enough. Sure, it cannot be said about every parent, but most of them would do anything, just to make the lives of their children easier. One way of expressing gratitude is to strive to be the best you can. Or, you could be more direct and organize a party to show them how much you love them. And is there a better time to do that than your parents’ anniversary?

Think ahead!

If you want to ensure that the majority of your parents’ friends will end up at a party, you have to give them a heads-up earlier. Not everyone can leave their responsibilities at a moment’s notice; such a trip requires a lot of preparations. You should inform the guests at least 3 months before the event is to take place.

Pick the right music!

Do you know what type of music your parents loved to listen to when they have just begun dating? If you don’t, subtly ask them, or better yet – to avoid any suspicions, ask someone else to do that for you! Was it ABBA, Parliament, or Dire Straits? Buy their CDs and remind your parents of the times when their relationship was just in the making. And let them dance like they were in their 20s once again!

Perhaps karaoke would be a good idea? Remember that the Second Law of Karaoke states that the amount of talent of karaoke participants is inversely related to the enjoyment of the listeners. It means that if your father’s voice is a far cry from that of George Clinton, it is only for the better.

What about the food?

Let’s be honest: the food is an important part of any party, but especially when it comes to all sorts of family gatherings. Should you choose expensive dishes only, so that every guest’s palate would exclaim “more” with a French accent? Not exactly. Instead, it’s better to choose dishes that bring memories. Ask your parents what their comfort foods are. If you think that your doubts are more than warranted, you could always rely on the services of online cake delivery, or order chocolate candies.

Trivia games

Nothing will test how well the guests know your parents better than a quiz. You’ll test the guests’ memory, and if you want to make this quiz extra interesting, start rummaging through the drawers in your parents’ house and ask their friends many questions. Remember that not everyone feels comfortable divulging all the details – have some restraint!

Prepare a slideshow!

I’m fairly certain that by this point everyone has heard that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but if the photo is connected with an important event from someone’s life, it becomes truly magical. If you want to remind your parents about all the precious moments of their lives, create a slideshow, and watch their eyes well up with tears, the good kind of tears. It will take some time to collect the photos, but it won’t cost you a dime, and it can be a wonderful surprise for your parents.

Match their personality!

The most important thing when organizing the anniversary party is that you should take the temperaments of your parents into account. If your parents feel uncomfortable in big crowds, then invite just their closest friends. If, on the other hand, other people are what they love most in life, the same restraint would be unnecessary. That’s why in this case one size does not fit all – you know your parents best, and you know what they’ll enjoy and what they won’t.

Don’t stress yourself out!

You’ll have to put a lot of time and effort to organize your parents’ anniversary party, which is why you shouldn’t be worried that not everything will go according to the plan. Your parents will undoubtedly notice how much heart you’ve put into all the preparations, and that’s what to them will matter the most. Even if you forgot to pick up the present.