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Your Struggle for Better Signals Might End With Wi-Fi6E

Wi-Fi is the essence of our lives that we cannot even comprehend to live without, ad our dependence on it is increasing daily. Ever since the advent of Wi-Fi, the technology behind our signals has been upgraded at a phenomenal pace.

Luckily, the latest Wi-Fi6E upgrade has been a vital and much-needed jump in the quality of Wi-Fi available for all types of users. All problems that were previously acting as bottlenecks in terms of usage, coverage, and speed have all been resolved with the latest Wi-Fi6E technology.

Wi-Fi6E – The biggest Wi-Fi upgrade EVER

Let us first understand, what is the big deal with the new Wi-Fi6E? Yes, it is indeed the sixth time the Wi-Fi has been upgraded since its introduction in 1999, but, the previous upgrades failed to make a buzz earlier because they had long boring technical names associated with them.

For instance, this new version of Wi-Fi is actually the 802.11ax just as the previous one was 802.11ac. The reason that these updates are being numbered now is for people to understand what kind of devices they support. Just as the new Wi-Fi6E is making noise, there is a buzz in the market that devices will now advertise their support of Wi-Fi6E to promote better performance. The iPhone 11 has already done this on its launch.


The obvious upgrade for this particular update is the speed. Today, the Wi-Fi speed that we get with our connections is dependent on a lot of things like distance from the router, the service provider, etc. However, to better understand the speed of Wi-Fi6E we will consider its theoretical speed that is proven to go up to 9.6Gbps. Our assumption is, only a perennial internet connection such as that from Mediacom Internet will be able to do justice to the new Wi-Fi upgrade.

Multiple Hosts

The crown jewel of Wi-Fi6E is its ability to host a large number of connections. Experts believe that the number of devices using Wi-Fi in an average household will rise significantly. Just think about it, you never imagined you’d be operating your home’s security system, lights, and the garage door using Wi-Fi a few years ago. Now it is all possible and that means everything around you will have its own Wi-Fi connection.

Think of it as an automatic parcel sorter at the post office, Wi-Fi6E can better organize, tag, and send out incoming parcels of data to individual recipients. This enables it to handle multiple devices at once without hindering any speed or connectivity.

Experts say Wi-Fi6E is going to be a big hit for large public places like restaurants and stadiums where multiple users have to be linked to a single router. Just make sure you don’t go around giving your Wi-Fi password to the entire block to test it though, it is still unsafe.


Speaking of safety, Wi-Fi6E comes with the biggest security upgrade in the wireless internet after almost a decade, known as the WPA3. Most of our current Wi-Fi devices support WPA2, which is quite vulnerable to hacking attempts; even avid guessers can get lucky by trying long enough. However, WPA3 for Wi-Fi6E makes it hard for hackers to hack and guessers to guess your password. Even if someone is able to hack it, they will only be able to get very low amount of data.

Our Final Say

All in all, whether it’s gaming with minimum latency, or everyone in the house burning through videos at the same time, Wi-Fi6E has covered everyone, literally. It is still a new feature and very difficult for nonprofessionals to wrap their heads around. Many tech companies are already trying to incorporate Wi-Fi6E. So, all we can say for now is that the future is looking pretty great with the new Wi-Fi upgrade around.