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Your Guide to Sports Betting in 2022


Every season comes with its own set of challenges for the teams and brand-new recipes for disaster if you aren’t paying close enough attention.

The games taking place in 2022 are a whole new era for sports as things return to normalcy, so here are the main ways you can apply to the in-depth research you have already done for this current season. Let’s play ball.


The definition of a futures bet is a sports bet wager where instead of putting your money down on the outcome of a single game, you are betting on the outcome of an entire competition or season. Some of the excitement of these bets is fueled by the fact that you get to enjoy them for most of the competition or season.

If and Reverse Bets

An “if bet” is a combination of at least two or more wagers, where the end result of each wager is a determining factor as to whether or not the subsequent wagers are actually placed at all.

Basically, you make several selections at whatever stake you choose, and your stake is then put on your first selection. Now, if your first selection doesn’t win, you lose your stake, and the rest of the wager gets canceled.

On the other hand, if your first selection wins, you get paid out, but with an amount equal to your initial stake deducted, with this amount getting placed again on your second selection.

The number of selections that you can put in an “if bet” will vary from one bookmaker to another, but it’s normally between two and six.

“Reverse bets” are “if bets” that operate in all possible directions but are basically a combination of all of the possible “if bets” made on any given number of selections. They get rid of the possibility of losing out on returns because of the order of selections.


Parlay bets are one of the highest-paying bet types there are. However, they are also one of the most difficult to win. Parlay bets let you roll multiple single bets into one, requiring 100% accuracy in order to earn a payout.

But, the entire stake you have bet will be lost if even just one of the selected wagers loses. If one or several of the selections push (tie), then the result is that the payout is decreased to what it would have been had those selections never been included.


Pleasers are some of the most complicated and difficult bets to win. However, expert bettors are able to cash in on some massive payouts when they do win.

Pleasers can be placed in football and basketball matches. They involve making multiple-point spread bets or totals bets as part of a single wager, and you have to get all your selections right to win. They are similar to parlays in this respect, but there’s one very significant difference.

The point spreads, and totals lines are moved against you, making it harder to get your selections right. This might make pleasers seem like a bad idea, and there are many that say they aren’t good bets in any circumstances, but the upside is that the potential returns can be very attractive.

Point Spreads

Point spread betting is another extremely popular sports bet that you can choose. This type of bet gives you the chance to apply your own knowledge and lets you cheer for a team even if you think they are going to lose the game.

A point spread represents the oddsmakers and then the betting market’s best guesses at the numerical separation between two competitors, which can be as low as half a point.

You can use a premium sports pick platform such as BigAL for winning sports predictions to cross-reference your sports bets with point spreads to see how well your choices are stacking in or to get professional sports betting choices to use.


Finally, there are total bets, also known as over/under bets, which are another great beginner sports bet that lets you bet on whether you think a projected total is above or below the true number of points, runs, or goals that will be scored.

Also known as over/under betting, this type of wager is available on almost any sport you can think of: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, to name a few.