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Why You Should Not Consider Gambling as A Source of Income


Real money gambling requires you to bet with your hard-earned cash. You may win real money or lose your wager, depending on the outcome of the game. Gambling is a game of chance, but skills may also count. It is possible to play casino with a 3 euro deposit to win 10 euro (1 euro = $1.17 USD) or more, and sometimes a loss is inevitable.

Gambling rewards your passion, no doubt. However, it is a bad idea to consider gambling as a source of income. The Nevada Council, a leading council in gambling regulations, attributes financial downturn as consequences of reckless gambling.

5 Reasons You Should Not Make Gambling A Source of Income

Even if you are making some bucks by gambling, you can’t make that a career or source of income. Winning streaks are not permanent. Highlighted below are five reasons to dissuade gamblers from making gambling a source of income;

  • Gambling results can be unfavorable

Gambling is a game of chance in which the outcome can either be favorable or otherwise. When the result is unfavorable, you lose money, and it can be a considerable amount. In that case, you will be left in a state of lack.

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If gambling is your only hope when experiencing losses, you may find it difficult to survive and pay your bills. Even when the result is favorable, it should be an added income to your money. This is the right attitude to gambling every gambler must imbibe.

  • The income can be insufficient

Money won from gambling cannot be enough to take care of the entire needs of a man. As such, making gambling a source of income is equivalent to a life of financial instability. No doubt, there are gambling winnings that can be massive. For instance, casino games such as progressive slots can make players win massive amounts of money with small bets. However, you must know that the probability of winning such money is often one in a million games. As such, you must not put your hope in gambling to avoid a financial mess.

  • Inconsistency in income

When you gamble, the probability of winning is half, and the other half is losing. It is a game, and you may be unable to influence the outcome. You may win today, and you lose the same game tomorrow. The outcome of gambling does not depend on your expertise.

No matter how smart you are, the house will always have the edge over you. As such, you win sometimes, and you lose sometimes. The money won from gambling is inconsistent and may not serve as a source of income. The attribute of a good source of income is that it is consistent.

  • The high tendency of addiction

Gambling is an activity that can be compulsive. There is a high tendency for a player to be addicted to gambling. When proper care is not taken, you may find it difficult to refrain from gambling. This is inevitable when you attempt to make gambling a source of income.

Consequently, you develop a compulsive disorder that will cost you a lot. When addicted, you will suffer a lot of consequences. Emotional trauma, behavioral disorder, and financial insecurity are consequences of addiction to gambling.

  • Laziness

Making gambling a source of income implies that you are lazy. Gambling should be an activity you engage in at leisure. Also, gambling should be a form of fun and entertainment. Making gambling a job where you derive your income is a lazy attitude. Such an attitude is detrimental to yourself and the environment at large.

Gambling is an activity that should be essentially for fun and entertainment. It is a bad idea to make it a job. No doubt, you can be rewarded for your passion by placing a bet and winning. Regardless, it should not become your source of income. Making gambling a source of income is unhealthy and disastrous.