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Why Travel To South Florida For Liposuction? 

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(Image: Flickr/Deepak Singh, (CC BY 2.0))

Liposuction is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery in America, with over 200,000 people having the procedure done every year. It is a way to mold and sculpt different areas of your body, by simply removing the fat. It’s not a reliable method of weight loss, but it can alter your appearance in problem areas. You can target a part of your body you want to improve, and see noticeable differences. 

New Technology in Liposuction 

Lately, there have been some amazing advances in liposuction technology that professional cosmetic surgeons who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery offer. For instance, Airsculpt Liposuction requires no general anesthetic, no needles, or stitches. It is really non-invasive, so recovery time is minimal. The use of ultrasound and laser technology has also made it possible to pinpoint problem areas of fat really accurately.

Laser lipo, in particular, has proven to be ideal in large volume cases. There are plenty of professional and reputable clinics to choose from in South Florida that offer these advanced treatments and you can recuperate in the warm Floridian sunshine. It is both a surgery and a vacation destination. 

How much does Liposuction cost? 

The cost of Liposuction will depend entirely on what you want to be done. There are clinics in South Florida offering full thighs and knees starting at $2,800. You need to take into consideration that there will generally be anesthesia-related costs on top of this. It offers natural looking results – and you certainly don’t have to break the bank, or end up spending $700,000 to look like The Human Ken Doll.

Many surgeries offer payment installments so that you can fund your surgery in small, manageable chunks. Procedures can take as little as two hours, meaning that recovery time is fairly minimal – you can spend the rest of your time enjoying Florida. 

What are the benefits? 

Liposuction is particularly good for areas that are difficult to target with purely diet and exercise. From the tops of thighs to the stomach, particularly for women that have been through pregnancy, and find that their body shape has altered. It is rumored that Jessica Alba had Laser Liposuction after having children. You can get very quick results.

The benefits of surgery aren’t just physical though. Medical studies have shown that having liposuction changes the way that we perceive our bodies in a positive way. There are both hormonal and psychological changes that improve self-esteem, give you a better perspective and outlook on life. If you have weight to lose, having liposuction is also a good motivator for further weight loss. In another study of 360 people that underwent surgery, 70 percent stated that they have a better quality of life following the procedure. 

Liposuction is great for contouring your body, and achieving the results that you want quickly. So why not visit one of the professional surgeons in South Florida to improve your body shape.