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Why Shipping Container Homes Are Trending In Florida

Shipping container homes are gaining popularity in Florida. As a prospective home buyer living in the sunshine state, this trend is worth following. Construction companies build these popular homes out of metal cargo containers, making them a great sustainable home option.

Whether you want to live in a popular city like Miami or a suburb of Orlando, you can purchase the home of your dreams for a very high price. Many homebuyers get stuck in the “money pit” of a dream home. As an alternative, you can purchase a house made out of shipping containers that still offers tremendous value, space and looks.

More Affordable

One of the main reasons for shipping container homes gaining traction is their prices. Prospective homeowners looking for houses in Florida often struggle to find options that fit their budgets. Fortunately, shipping container homes offer such prospective homeowners more affordable options.

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You can save thousands of dollars on the main purchase and decrease your costs from there. The building costs for these types of homes are much lower per square foot. Plus, they are usually more energy-efficient than your average home, which keeps electric bills down.

Customization Options

Prospective home buyers also favor shipping container homes in Florida because of the customization options available. Unlike traditional homes, the customization opportunities with shipping container houses are endless. Because they are modular and easy to ship, construction companies do not struggle to obtain the necessary parts. Florida construction companies can take your creative ideas and turn them into reality thanks to the versatility shipping containers offer.

Ability To Fit Into Small Lot

Additionally, shipping container homes can fit into smaller lots easier than traditional homes can. If you have looked for housing in Florida’s highly populated cities, you have likely learned that the spaces are small. Moreover, they are expensive too.

Because shipping containers are inexpensive and small themselves, they pose as great home-building materials. You can purchase a shipping container based on your size requirements. Some of the largest containers are available up to 40 ft long. Using different sizes, you can build your own house from the ground up.

Additionally, construction companies can easily cut cargo containers down to fit into smaller spaces.


Another reason for the growing trend is that shipping container homes are more eco-friendly than traditional ones. As more and more people become environmentally conscious, they desire to make their living quarters more eco-friendly too. Since construction companies build shipping container homes out of recycled containers, they serve this purpose well. If you strive to improve your impact on the environment, using recycled products for your home is a highly effective solution. The pounds of steel being repurposed by the construction businesses building these types of homes is a major reason for this trend.

Faster Construction Process

Finally, construction companies can build shipping container homes faster than traditional ones. After all, they can do all of the major foundation work at once. The only other materials they need to find and use are ones that the homeowners want in their homes. For instance, you might want a specific porcelain tile for the kitchen or an extra window in the living room area. They can complete these processes fast by conducting all of them in the factory.

Prospective home buyers look at shipping container homes in Florida for numerous reasons. For instance, they are less expensive than traditional homes in the same areas. You can easily customize these types of homes because of how versatile they are. They can also fit into smaller spaces, making them perfect options for Florida’s more populated cities.