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Why CBD Has Gotten So Popular.

CBD products

Contrary to popular belief, the reason why cannabis is getting legalized in many states of the United States and across the world has nothing to do with ‘the freedom to get high,’ rather, it has more to do with the latest star in the world of modern medicine, and indeed science, CBD oils.


Known for its numerous benefits in health and wellness, Cannabidiol (CBD) has become quite a sensation.  There are serious reasons to believe that this is not going to change anytime soon. Here are some truths concerning CBD oils that you should know.

First, the myth that CBD oils has the same effect as marijuana to the mental health of the user by influencing their senses towards euphoria must be thrown away. Especially since CBD actually does the opposite to the user. It negates any unnatural influences on the mind and body.

This might seem curious since they come from the same plant, but the difference between the two lies in the cultivation of a special compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) a hydrogenated compound that is chiefly responsible for the ‘High’ sensation experienced by users of marijuana.

Indeed, while marijuana is cultivated to yield a high concentration of the THC compound, the THC in the composition of CBD oils usually lies dormant. Instead, CBD consists of non-psychoactive compounds that boost the anti-inflammatory and regulatory characteristics of THC Free Cannabidiol (CBD).

Thus, when the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – the part of the human make-up that governs sleep, mood and other bodily functions, as well as the biological processes related to metabolism, and is easily excited by the products from the Cannabis Sativa plant – encounters CBD oils, the ECS gets regulated towards normal operation.

As a result, users of CBD oils enjoy benefits that could be relief from chronic pain, a cure for acne and other skin diseases or a retardant for severe illnesses like type-1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. It all depending on who consumes it and how it is consumed. On that note, below are some different ways that CBD oils can be used, even though the effects of CBD oils can only last for about 5 days or so.


Even at this early stage of discovery, CBD oils have been manipulated into different fascinating forms, which range from balms and salves to under-the-tongue sprays.

CBD Gummies

First on the list is one of the most popular CBD products made by Joy Organics. Made through the systematic combination of only eight ingredients that exclude the dreaded THC, CBD gummies only contain about 20% of CBD oils. For some people, this might seem like a small amount, but all you need to do is wait for four hours for the relaxing effect of the CBD oils in the gummies to take effect. It will soon be your favorite snack.

CBD Face Masks

Much has been said about CBD’s ability to gift a better skin by nourishing and protecting the skin. However, this can even be maximized when combined with other extracts like rosemary or black licorice. The added hemp oil that is rich in Phytocannabinoids in Face Masks like Joy Organic’s CBD Face Mask sets the foundation for the other extracts to improve your skin.

 CBD Energy Drink Mixes

For those tired of artificial energy drinks that haunt you with side effects after use, the CBD energy drink mix offers your energy levels a more natural boost. It is safe to drink since it is free of additives like binders, fillers or dyes which are made to add beauty or artificial flavor but do nothing to nourish the body. Why don’t you opt for the fastest-acting natural choice for your next workout?

CBD Bath Bombs

Ready to take relaxation to the next level? Then add a few CBD bath bombs to the bath and kick your feet up. The bath bombs are suffused with 25 milligrams of CBD and aromatic lavender emollient for the relaxing effect and a wonderful scent to create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere.

CBD Tinctures

If you’re not a fan of the gummies and you don’t want an energy boost, but you would like some relief from that chronic pain, then the direct choice would be to ingest CBD oils. However, you need pure CBD, not raw CBD, and what better and safer way to directly get doses of CBD oils free of THC than by using CBD tinctures. Simply put the recommended drops of the tincture into your drink and you’re good to go.