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Which Pest Control is Best for My Home?


There is something about being outdoors. The fresh air and freedom of exploring what lies ahead are very enticing and inviting. There is nothing better than being outside on my patio, watching my family play, and have fun. That is until the complaints start about bugs. I am sure that you too have wondered what the best pest control is for our homes.

We all are happy to leave the bugs to enjoy their space, but also request that they do the same for us. There are various products and ways to reduce the number of pests bugging you this summer. Here are a few ways that do not put your family or you at risk of poisoning, but will keep you enjoying your backyard all summer.

Stay away from WHO hazardous pesticides

There are many options still in the market for you to spray or use in your yard that can put you and your family at great risk. The US still allows many pesticides to be sold that have been banned in many other countries around the world. Of the 1 billion pounds of pesticides used in the US each year about 60 percent are hazardous to human health, according to the WHO’s data.

These pesticides are used on the food that we consume, but we should also be wary about the pesticides that we use in and around our house.

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Be wary for run-off

Run-off is where excessive rain and watering of our gardens causes the water to not soak into the soil. Rather it quickly flows into drains and finally into rivers. This water pushes all the pesticides, fertilizers, and other additives that we use in our homes and farms into the water ecosystem. In many lakes and dams globally, there is excessive algae, and the growth of plants caused by this. There are also large amounts of death to wildlife because of runoff.

Natural Pesticides

There are natural pesticides available for us to use. These pesticides will not cause harm to our health or the health of the environment. You can pest-proof your home and gardens naturally. Professional pest control companies can use Nature-cide as a natural alternative to poisonous and health-hazardous pest control.

Use Nature

Nature does a great job in controlling itself. Bugs and in particular mosquitos do not like citronella grass for example. Strategically planting citronella plants in your garden will help you in deterring mosquitos. Ants will stay away from areas with mint. You can also stop mice from coming near your home with the Wormwood plant.

If you do not have the space to put these living plants, consider the alternative in essential oils. Citronella Essential Oil can be diffused or placed on a cotton pad while you sit outside to deter mosquitos.

Seal Your Home

When it’s hot or dry outside, food, water, and shelter become more difficult for insects to find outdoors. This can cause them to invade your house looking for the disappearing resources that they need to survive. To help prevent this from happening seal your home by ensuring all windows and doors seal off cracks around ledges and edges. Check your home for light leaks and seal any exterior-opening gaps or cracks that can enable pests to get in.

Do not attract them

Be sure to clean and wipe down spaces, countertops, and corners. Insects and pests are attracted by food sources and so leaving food sources out or spills will attract them. Ensure that there is no stash of paper or clutter that will provide an excellent source of housing.

The use of pesticides while effective can be a great part of a holistic approach. Ensure that you are effectively deterring the pests and they are sure to leave you alone this summer.