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10 Home Maintenance Tips for First-Time Homeowners


You’ve been renting for some years now and currently considering purchasing your first home, or probably you just closed a deal to become a first-time homeowner. Congratulations! But, before you start celebrating your new success, know that buying a home is one of the biggest investments you can ever make. It requires even more investments after the purchase.

If you purchase a new build home or are lucky to get something in very good condition, you may need little or no work done on it before moving in. On the contrary, you will need intensive maintenance or remolding work for an old home. With that being said, routine maintenance work is also critical for protecting your investments. Being an old or a new home, here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind as a first-time home buyer.

HVAC Maintenance

Talking about home maintenance mostly raises the important question of, are home warranties worth it, and what do they cover? Luckily enough, your home warranty may cover your heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. The HVAC system controls the quality flow of air in your home. Regular maintenance is therefore needed to avoid costly repair when it breaks down. You will have to change the filters, lubricate moving parts, do thermostat calibration, and tighten loosed connections among others for optimum performance. You need a professional to render such maintenance services.

Check for possible leaks

There are various ways to check whether your roofing or plumbing works leak. For roof leaks, check for ceiling and wall decolorization or water stains, molds on the wall, and even cracks. Such leaks mostly come from a damaged shingle, which will need replacement or repair.

Plumbing leaks mostly come from broken pipes, loose joints, faucet leaks, etc. For leaks, check for possible water damage or moisture under your sinks and around the toilets. Also, monitor your meter readings by writing down the readings after use and reading after inactivity. If there are changes in the initial readings, the possibility of leakage is high. Lastly, check the pipes and other fittings for possible corrosion or loose joints.

Checking for leaks on both the roof and plumbing works can be a DIY project, to reduce cost. However, for a more complicated case, speak to a professional.

Pest control

Annoying pests like fleas, bugs, and ticks can invade your home and make it a living hell. Pest control measures should therefore in place to eradicate or put these organisms in check. The pest control measures to adopt will depend on the type of pests troubling you or you seek to prevent. Your best bet is to hire a professional pest control service to access your situation and recommend the best remedy.

Caulk your windows and cracks

With the current hikes in energy costs, you wouldn’t want to be losing winter heat to the external atmosphere. Caulking your windows and other cracks should therefore be on your maintenance list as a first-time homebuyer. This will prevent heat from escaping your home and save you some energy costs. You can do this yourself by watching YouTube tutorials. Just get the right product for the job by asking the seller for recommendations.

Retouch the exterior paint

Aside from improving the aesthetic view of your home, paint also serves as a protective agent. It prevents rusting of metals and wood works from rotting. After repairing your roof leaks and other concrete works, you may need to retouch the paint in those small areas to conceal the stains. However, if the exterior paint has fadeout, repainting your entire home is recommended.

Furnace servicing

Homeowners must have a regular furnace tune-up to improve its efficiency and save energy costs. This isn’t a DIY project to pursue as it normally entails a complicated process. a hired specialist will check the furnace for possible faults and repair if any. Other services include cleaning, lubricating, and testing components to ensure they run well. Regular maintenance prolongs the life of the furnace.

Clear gutters and drains

It is critical to clear your gutters of all debris to ensure the free flow of water, especially during the rainy season. This goes a long way to prevent the infestations of pests that breeds in stagnant water. Also, check your drains and unclog them off any debris preventing the flow of water. It is easy to deal with drain clogs and you can do it yourself. Just add equal amounts of vinegar and baking powder, mix it properly, and pour it into the clogged drain. You can later flush it with hot water.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning keeps your home fresh and free from dust and other pollutants. In addition, it prevents the breed of pests as their hideouts and anything that supports their growth are cleared out. Make it a ritual to clean your home daily.




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