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Where to Find Clients for Remote Work


Our society is perpetually changing, and our expectations for work-life-balance are rapidly evolving. As people, we have needs for flexible work and need to be able to locate independent clients to work with when offering our services.

Thankfully, there are many resources now available to help you locate these clients and market your personal services. Finding remote work, in the past, was a difficult experience. When deciding to transition to fully remote work, knowing what sources to use to find your ideal client and company can be overwhelming. However, there are now multiple platforms that provide remote work and work from home opportunities.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the best platforms for finding remote work, client connections and flexible arrangements.

Online Job Search Platforms

When it comes to navigating online platforms, you’ll find multiple postings for positions located across the United States. However, you should pay close attention to the exact listing to determine if the role you’re applying for is entirely remote and available for individuals in your area. In some cases, listings for remote jobs may be only partially remote or require you to live within driving distance from the company you work for.

As long as you are attentive to the requirements of each position you apply for, however, you can find clients to work for remotely relatively easily. For instance, platforms such as Upwork allow clients to post requests looking for employees who offer a variety of skills. Some of these positions are long-term and provide you the ability to work from the comfort of your home as you see fit.

Alternatively, websites such as Search Remotely serve as an online database for employers to find remote employees. If you’re interested in browsing remote job listings for your area, click here.

Contracting Platforms

Alternatively, if you want to work for a company on a contract basis, but don’t want to search personally for clients, you have options. Platforms such as LiveOps allow you to work as an independent contractor. You can make your own schedule and invoice clients based upon services completed. Ultimately, you determine what hours you work and how you manage your workday.

Tried and True Resources

Given recent events, many well-known and trusted job platforms have begun to source a variety of work-from-home and remote work positions. Websites such as Indeed and Monster have multiple postings for remote work and other opportunities with flexible scheduling, making it easy for you to find a position that fits your needs.

Additionally, these resources may provide you with a comprehensive overview of the role and company you are considering applying for. These platforms may make it easier for you to make employment decisions based on company and personal needs.

Though personal marketing and networking are often vital to succeeding in remote fields, there are resources to help you find the teams you want to work for. 


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