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Where are the safest places to buy property in South Florida?


South Florida is home to countless real estate investments. The acquisition of properties in South Florida, either as a short-term or long-term investment, is often a profitable venture. Just as with any other kind of commercial endeavor, you must understand how the real estate market works. Otherwise, you may end up with regrets. This is why you should do adequate research about an area or seek professional advice before proceeding to put a stamp on a deal.

One thing successful investors have in common is that they know where to uncover valuable property investment opportunities in Florida. While inflation rates may still affect decisions in the property market, there are numerous areas to make real estate investments in Florida.

Several communities are undergoing revitalization projects. These projects result in the construction of new homes that are fashionable and economical. This list is an excellent resource for those who are interested in finding secure investments in South Florida.

Below are some of the safe places where you can buy properties in South Florida:


Parkland is in the northern part of Broward County. As there is such a low rate of crime in Parkland, it is considered one of the safest locations to buy properties in Florida. That Parkland has a crime rate 70% lower than the norm for the nation is something to be proud of. This location is also adjacent to several wildlife management zones, which may contribute to the relative tranquility.


Around 440,000 people call the coastal metropolis of Miami, Florida home. The cost of housing will continue to rise as a greater number of individuals move out from more expensive metropolitan areas in search of lower tax rates. The whole value of real estate in Miami has increased by more than 100% in only the past ten years. The typical cost of a home is approximately $589,000, although strong appreciation rates and rent prices can help compensate for initial investment requirements. The rent ranges anywhere from $2,100 to $6,500, with the four-bedroom units witnessing the largest gains of 30% over the years.

Deerfield Beach

The typical home in Deerfield Beach is valued at $230,722, 26.8% less than the national average. Deerfield Beach is located in Broward County on the Atlantic coast, approximately 40 miles north of Miami. In the previous five years, the values of homes have increased by 52.9%. This is roughly the same as the average for the cities included in this study. Securing property in this location will be nothing less than a win and a profit-worthy investment.

Fort Lauderdale 

Fort Lauderdale is a popular location due to the city’s thriving city core and its robust job market. This city’s millennial population increased by 43% over the course of the past decade, and the value of real estate in Fort Lauderdale increased by 167.30%. This swift expansion and annual rent hikes of 26.2% will assist to pacify buyers. The most reasonably priced neighborhood is Sunrise Intracoastal, with listing prices beginning around $200,000 and rental prices ranging from $2,200 to $6,500 per month.


Since it is a peaceful neighborhood in Florida, Weston is yet another area you should consider for acquiring a property. With many homes to be built in Weston, it will almost certainly have the most significant real estate commission rates in the area for those selling their homes. On that note, it will almost certainly be the finest place to buy a home. The town is well-known for having the lowest crime rates in all of Florida.