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What’s Jailbreaking? How Far Can You Go?

Let’s face it. We love our phones. We spend the majority of the day holding it and using it. Many of us wish we could use certain apps that our device will not authorize. Until now!

What’s Jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking means unlocking the device’s system settings or any other locks put in place by Apple or a carrier. The manufacturer limits the average users from using any unauthorized apps that require access to the system setting. But we know how to bypass all the locks – jailbreaking. It’s a master key that opens every lock brought in by Apple.

Jailbreaking an iOS device is quite a risky process, but it remains popular among the users who need to install unofficial apps or any Cydia tweaks.

Do you want to jailbreak your iPhone? Here’s how to jailbreak any of Apple’s devices running on iOS 10 or 11. 

Apple suggests that jailbreaking leads to security vulnerabilities, disruption of services, inability to update the system, system instabilities, and shortened battery life. As a rule, jailbroken devices aren’t subjected to any Apple services. But in case you need to update your system, you can go to manufacturer’s settings anytime.

Though Apple doesn’t approve of jailbreaking, myriads of Apple fans have been jailbreaking devices for years. But while jailbreaking, you should understand that you won’t receive any help from Apple if there are any tech or software problems in the future. Along with the software freedom, you get responsibility for everything happening with your iOS device.

Risks Associated With Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking an iOS device along with installing tweaks from distrustful sources may make all your personal information as well as banking details open to hackers. However, unofficial apps offer features that you’d never be able to access.

The good news is that you can use any unauthorized apps installed from reliable sources such as Cydia. And it’s better to stay away from any pirated repositories. Of course, it’s hard to resist getting a free tweak with unmatched features, but you might hand over access to all your personal data. Do you want to share your bank ID with hackers? I bet no. No one is eager to do this.

With that said, you should be careful with the apps you install and access you grant them. Give full access to only trusted apps in order to keep your personal information secure.

Types of Jailbreaking: Tethered, Semi-Tethered, and Untethered

What’s the difference between tethered, semi-tethered, and untethered jailbreaking? Let’s spot the differences. Tethered jailbreaking required attaching an iOS device to a computer. Then the app installed on the computer will jailbreak the device. But the tethered jailbreak has a significant disadvantage. Once you turn off the device, the jailbreak is wiped out and the device becomes practically useless until you run a jailbreaking process again. The tethered jailbreak was the first developed jailbreak.

Nowadays the tethered jailbreak has fallen by the wayside making way for untethered and semi-tethered methods. The untethered method allows jailbreaking stay forever on your device even when it’s switched off and on. But it works only with the devices running on iOS 10 or higher.

And a few words about a semi-tethered method. It’s a mix of tethered and untethered methods. It means that you need to run jailbreaking after some time passed or after your device restarts. It’s a good way to unlock the iOS system as it doesn’t require any connection to PC.

However, jailbreaking is quite a simple but at the same time a tricky process. So if you aren’t sure if you can do it on your own – refer to someone who can help you. You can ask your friends or take advantage of remote jailbreaking services.

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