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What You Should Know About Defective Cars and Accidents in Florida


Distracted driving, which anyone can attribute to human error, is the most common cause of car accidents. Many of these happen when people go on road trips tired or unprepared, especially if their itinerary includes traversing some of the most dangerous roads of Florida.

The state’s deadliest length of road is US-19, which starts from Denton Ave. to San Marco Dr. in Pasco County. It had 25 fatal accidents between 2017 and 2019. 

These accidents were primarily due to drunk driving, distracted driving and speeding. However, there may also be incidents where car manufacturers are at fault when they release a defective car in the market. 

Usual Car Defects

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles listed 341,399 car accidents in 2020, 3,332 of these were fatal. While it’s often rare for investigators to look into vehicle defects as the leading cause of accidents, such a case is possible. 

Based on a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) report, a visual inspection is often done to ascertain whether physical defects caused the accident. They stated that the most common car defect is brake line failure, accounting for 22 percent of accidents. 

Other car defects that cause accidents are electrical and mechanical. It can also be a computer box failure. There are also times when the culprit is the car’s safety features, such as the airbag and seatbelt system. These are two crucial aspects of a vehicle that could save lives. 

Building a solid case is necessary if you plan to push for a product liability claim against a car manufacturer, especially if you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by the defect. The best personal injury attorneys in Florida will help you gather the evidence you need and will hire the experts needed to support your claim.

Understanding the Different Kinds of Vehicle Defects

Aside from learning about product liability, it is also essential to know the three major car defects you may encounter when filing a case against a manufacturer.

  • Design defects: The vehicle’s design is defective and may cause injury to the consumers. A unit’s faulty design may include weak pillars that may crush the whole roof. 
  • Manufacturing defects: The vehicle’s manufacturing stage might be using the wrong assembly methods, leading to safety risks. A defective transmission line can cause an accident in heavy traffic. It is part of a manufacturer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicles they produce meet the federal safety standards. Often, they will test the cars against real-life scenarios to check their roadworthiness.
  • Marketing defects: A marketing defect provides false information about vehicles, such as the driver-assist mode, where drivers can completely take their hands off the wheel.

A car manufacturer that shows a history of car defects can cause safety risks to its customers, leading to fatal car accidents. If you figured in a vehicle defect accident, you could pursue your claim for compensation against the at-fault car manufacturer. You must prove that you got an injury from the accident caused by the vehicle you were driving. 

Examples of a Defective Vehicle

Here are some areas you should look into to recognize a defect in a vehicle:

  • Defective vehicle safety systems (airbags, seatbelts)
  • Defective brakes
  • Defective steering parts
  • Rollover risk
  • Defective wheels
  • Transmission failure

Failure in a vehicle’s components violates federal laws and regulations, which can help if you file a case against its manufacturer after an accident.

Vehicle Defects as a Factor for Car Accidents

A defective vehicle can be the sole reason for a car accident that may cause injury to the driver and other affected parties. But sometimes, proving that the cause of an accident is a vehicle defect can be challenging. This is usually the case when the crash is so bad that the primary reason becomes unidentifiable. 

A scenario where more than one presenting factor caused an accident or injury can lead to the court reducing the victim’s claim or even denying the claim altogether. 

Safety on the Road

As a car owner, it is incumbent upon you to know your rights, especially when your safety is on the line. While you must know how to deal with accidents, it’s still better to prevent unwanted incidents that may cause injury or even death. 

Driving is a privilege and comes with significant responsibilities to protect life. Make sure your car is roadworthy wherever you go, regardless of whether you plan to explore Florida and nearby areas or go to the supermarket for groceries. 



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