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What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing a Credit Repair Company?


Millions of Americans improve credit scores with the help of repair providers. These companies clean their reports, ensuring convenience and efficiency. However, these firms are not created equal. Use our guide to choose a trusted provider in your state.

Poor credit scores affect many aspects of our lives. Aside from borrowing, they make renting and even employment complicated. Banks, landlords, insurers, and recruiters access the records to evaluate your creditworthiness. The Best Credit Repair in 2021   will raise the total on your behalf. Delegate this job to professionals and monitor their progress.

No Immediate Effects

Note that credit repair takes longer than a month. To fix credit fast, you need to find the most damaging mistakes and collect sufficient evidence. This way, your dispute letters will be effective, and the bureaus will not need any additional proof. Here are the key questions to ask before settling on any provider.

How Reliable Is This Company?

Dozens of organizations offer assistance, but only some of them may be trusted. To make an informed decision, consider the legal status, reputation, and customer experience. This information may be found on the BBB pages.

You can see the official rating and the customer review average. The agency counts the number of complaints over the past three years and shows how many of them have been closed. Customer feedback is subjective, and misunderstandings are possible. Still, negative comments highlight recurring issues.

For example, you may see that the company works slowly or fails to fulfill its refund policy. Visit other websites as well. Consumer Affairs and TrustPilot should help you form an opinion. Finally, there are many platforms with expert reviews like Investopedia.

What Services Will I Get?

Very few companies will offer a single comprehensive package. Usually, services are divided between different tiers or levels. Customers choose between basic, intermediate, and aggressive repair depending on how serious their case is. For instance, if there are just a few mistakes, the basic package with five disputes could suffice. The company may solve all your problems within a single billing cycle.

The cheaper the package — the fewer services it includes. At the very least, you will get three things: analysis of reports, preparation of evidence, and formal disputes. Possible add-ons include personal budgeting apps, identity theft protection, official tracking tools, credit lines, and more.

What Results Can I Expect?

Many providers do not charge customers for the introductory consultation. They will collect your reports and pinpoint the derogatories. Professional analysts will explain what you can expect and how soon. Different negative entries have different importance. For example, your payment history is extremely influential for both FICO and VantageScore.

How Much Does It Cost?

In most cases, you will be charged a first work fee in the beginning. Also known as the setup fee, it is paid before the experts get down to work. Afterward, you pay a recurring rate depending on the service package. Different firms have different billing cycles. 45 days is common because the bureau has 30 days to investigate every claim.

What Is Customer Support Like?

As a client, you need easy access to the status of your case. Customer support representatives should work every weekday, and there could also be support during short weekend hours. Most often, customers keep track of changes by logging in to the official web portal. You could also receive automatic alerts. Finally, the firm may have a proprietary app with in-built notifications.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

In credit repair, results are never certain, but you may be entitled to a refund. Here, the policies vary. Some firms, such as Credit Saint, will pay your money back unless any mistakes are deleted within the first 90 days. Others have no such policies. Finally, Sky Blue Credit Repair is a rare exception. Its policy is unconditional, so customers may cancel for any reason and get a refund within the first 90 days.

As repair is a massive industry, it is difficult to find a decent provider unless you know what questions to ask. Do your homework well. Research the background of popular companies and compare their services. As results are not guaranteed, companies with a refund policy are preferable, of course, if they also meet the other requirements on our list.


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