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What Kind Of Relationship Are We Going To Have With Our Machines In The Future? OPINION

We live in an era of rapidly developing digital technologies: artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, blockchain, big data, and many, many others. In the not-so-distant past the qualities such as intelligence, acumen, and creative thinking were exclusively human perks, but these days we have to deal with complex, dynamic, and smart machines that also may possess these abilities.

In the eyes of Rustam Gilfanov, the technology has reached a point when artificial intelligence is being perceived as your trustworthy assistant, which, according to many, needs to be humanized to improve human-machine interaction and efficacy. Smart robotic systems are constantly upgraded to enable us to work, train, and play at our full capacity.  Great mathematics and IT-pioneers like Alan Turing wormed our way into an advanced reality we’re living today interacting with super-intelligent machines able to communicate, self-learn, and create.

While, on the one hand, we all realize what problems and dangers might be imposed by this kind of machines, on the other, Mr. Gilfanov believes that “ high-tech computer programs, or games that use AR, for example, create for humanity great opportunities. When the boundaries of reality and vitality are markedly blurred, it leads to high emotional involvement, which risks to be wasteful without responsiveness.  The need for more anthropomorphic and responsive machines is growing day by day.

According to R. Gilfanov, human-machine interaction will be rapidly developing further. Our smartphones with all their abilities (such as sleep cycle trackers, heart rate and temperature apps, etc.) are becoming more and more like our bodies’ extensions. The experts’ opinion is that in the near future, the smartphone and the human body will become a single ecosystem.

At the same time, Netflix and Fantasy have made us believe that our future living with ever-evolving artificial intelligence will necessarily result in our enslavement. However, from the standpoint of leading IT experts, there is a long way for inventing the kind of AI featured in fantastic tales, and our future interactions with it is not so deliberate.

In the words of Mr Gilfanov, “There is a lot of debate in society today that we are going to face times when AI will inevitably make people useless, force them out, and eventually enslave everyone. Well, we are certainly in for big changes but a bit of a different kind and our central concern is to prepare ourselves and our staff closely for imminent technological changes.”

One of the most important shaping factors in the artificial brain evolution, in the view of IT leaders, is global development in the neural networks’ area.

Neural networks are a field of research based on the modeling of biological processes in the human brain. Researchers design digital models of human cognitive processes related to memory, attention, sensation, languages, etc. Ability to translate, recognize voices and images, and create music is nothing more or less than the results of neural networks that can be trained to solve complex problems. “It is a highly promising area, and the number of startups engaged in neural networks is booming these days. It is worth mentioning the overwhelming success of Prisma, a startup that developed an app able to transform user’s photos into paintings.

Experts believe that neural networks will be moving forward with seven-league steps and in the next little while we will witness its ability to deal with the most comprehensive issues that solvable in the shortest possible time. This also includes the ability of voice assistants to respond to mental commands, which is already actively being developed in some research centers.

While we don’t know for sure the times when artificial brains will be in some aspects smarter than ours, but it’s a fact of life that every day we are getting closer to this date.

Rustam Gilfanov

Brief biographical background of Mr. R. Gilfanov

Rustam Gilfanov is a founding partner of a multinational IT-company, IT-entrepreneur, and universal investor.

  • was born in Basim of Perm district in 1983 to a teacher and a military man;
  • 2006 – acted as a co-founder of international outsourcing IT enterprise in Kiev that quickly became a massive developer of finance, marketing, and gaming software

A short while ago Mr. Gilfanov shifted his focus to the inter-country investing into auspicious IT-schemes such as video streaming, financial technology, and gaming. One of Rustam Gilfanov’s priorities is being engaged in charitable projects in Ukraine such as “Lakibux ” and”Biblioteka Maybutnogo” – the largest of his undertakings.