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Westinghouse Could Be The Best Generator Brand For Your Home


While generators can come with the branding of many different manufacturers few can match the quality and prestige of Westinghouse generators! That is certainly some high praise but Westinghouse does deliver on quality so it’s definitely not a case of overhyping when it comes to this manufacturer. 

Westinghouse or the Westinghouse Electronics Corporation was founded in 1886. So, it is definitely a veteran in the electronics field and has a number of appliances under its name. 

You’ll find a great variety of different generators available from Westinghouse although they tend to focus on the smaller inverter models and larger portable units.  Let’s take a closer look at why Westinghouse could be the right choice for you.  

Budget Choices 

Westinghouse’s great range of generators as something for all budgets. Even the cheaper generators in the Westinghouse range feature a high-quality build and some of the latest technological innovations. 

Light Weight Models 

There is a running joke in some generator customer bases that portable generators are portable in name only. Sometimes this can be unavoidable but it is good to see that Westinghouse hasn’t forgotten the importance of making some generators as lightweight as possible. Some of their generators weight just over 30lbs making them much easier to move around. 

High-Quality Builds 

One of the most praiseworthy aspects of Westinghouse generators is that they are well-known for their excellent build quality. Their generators are often very long-lasting and durable and many of their portable models have longer than the average running times. 

Great Warranties and Support 

While you never want your generator to break down, one of the main positives of Westinghouse is that even if you do have a fault they do have excellent warranties (often around three years on average) and many also come with lifetime technical support as well. The Westinghouse aftercare support is definitely going to give you added peace of mind. 



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